about us

We’re ‘A Committed Lot of Experts’! Having been on the path of providing superior coding services since 2004, our dedicated crew of developers, coders and testers are completely equipped in executing your job flawlessly.

Based out of California, our conversion services will be your guiding light in a cluttered industry environment. It’s not just the projects that are dear to us, its their deadlines too. We have also been pioneers in providing Expedited Delivery Service, which simply put, is faster than the fastest delivery. The unmatched precision with which we accomplish your work is the secret of our productivity, speaking volumes about our approach.

10 Reasons to Choose us

  • Experience,
    13 years of experience in delivering countless converted pages and themes.

  • 8 hrs flat, for the delivery of first page.

  • Browser compatibility, with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera… you name it.

  • Operating system compatibility, through meticulous testing on Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • W3C validity, would keep your Markup and CSS Code in sync with the W3C norms.

  • Compatibility with latest technologies such as mobile, tablet, responsive code, bootstrap.

  • Competitive prices, that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

  • Availability, would be 24/7 through every possible means like Phone, Live Chat, Email, IM.

  • Confidentiality, we provide is infallible.

  • Satisfaction/Money back guarantee, are the delightful features that would never let you down.

How it Works

  • Order Placed
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  • Project Analysis - SeoSemanticXhtml
    Project Analysis
    & Client Interaction
  • Completion of
    the Work
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  • Quality Assurance - SeoSemanticXhtml
    Quality Assurance
  • Order Delivered
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Our Technology

To serve you with cutting edge technology, we are persistently on our toes and keep abreast with every advancement in the industry.

  • Enhanced Load Speed - Since Page Loading Speed’s entry in Google’s decision making (to award ranks) has turned it into a valued feature; we see to it that your source code doesn’t get bulky while applying the top most tools for its optimization.
  • Testing - A gifted lot, our bunch of Testers’ have an eye for spotting bugs and glitches. We are adept at testing compatibility with mobiles, tablets, different resolutions besides all the prevalent browsers and platforms.
  • Email Clients Compatibility - That’s another specialty in our bouquet of services. Our email marketing templates work in sync with every prominent email client like MS Outlook 2007+, AOL Webmail, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Hotmail and Gmail.
  • Responsive Themes - We create themes that would fit all sorts of resolutions, minimizing scrolling and resizing. It’s executed with the help of Media Queries, Fluid Grids and Flexible Images.

Our Team

Exceptional, Enthusiastic, Experts, are the three E’s that describe our staffers. Most of them have have been around with us since our inception from well over 13 years, and have witnessed the evolvement the web development industry has undergone from close quarters. A diverse mix of specialists in coding, developing and testing; our motivated workforce has been quite fortunate to have worked on a variety of projects of various magnitudes.

SeoSemanticXhtml Team

Commitment coupled with right awareness, understanding, accurate analysis, sprinkled with creativity and served with lots of enthusiasm is the recipe behind every project we deliver. We believe in maintaining a long term relationship with our clients, which is the secret of our outstanding client retention. Besides offering a cutting edge service, our devoted support team would stand by you at every moment during your project and after delivery as well.