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  • Mar 11 2019

    WordPress 5.1 is Out: Know About New Features


    The latest version of WordPress, 5.1, has been released recently. Nicknamed “Betty” in honor of acclaimed jazz musician Betty Carter, WordPress 5.1 is the first major release of the year 2019 after the release of WordPress 5.0 “Bebo” in December 2018. Unlike revision 5.0, which was intended to replace the Classic WordPress Editor with a ...

  • May 26 2018

    SEOSemanticXHTML Wishes You Happy WordPress 15th Anniversary!


    Today, people all over the world are celebrating the WordPress 15th Anniversary. Released in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little as a simple blogging platform, WordPress is now a full-fledged content management system powering over 59% of all the websites available on the internet. The popularity of WordPress can be judged by the fact ...

  • Feb 19 2014

    12 Pivotal Web Design Trends To Look Forward To In 2014


    In today’s digital world, web design techniques are continuously evolving to upgrade the user experience. As a web developer, you should keep yourself updated with what’s trending right now in the web design world. Only then, you can efficiently and effectively reach your audience. May be not all of web design trends suitable for your ...

  • Jan 28 2014

    15 Must-Have Tools for a Killer Presentation


    Online presentation are one of the most effective ways to present your ideas to your clients or colleagues. The effectiveness of any presentation depends on the structure, styling and attractiveness of the slides, which are being presented to the audience. So it’s mandatory to make your presentations creative and innovative in order to entertain and ...

  • Jan 9 2014

    20 Tools to Get More Out of Your Social Media Marketing Efforts


    Social media is one of the best and most effective ways to build an online community around your brand in order to grow your online business. If you’re marketing your business on social media, having a consistent presence on all reputed social networks – like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn – is a must. ...

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