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  • Apr 12 2012

    10 popular usability testing tools

    A website must come good on the user experience parameter to achieve whatever purpose it is built for. If usability of a website is not up to mark, it won’t impress the users and hence, its overall productivity would remain low. And that’s where usability testing tools come into picture. In this write up, we discuss about 10 popular usability testing tools, like:

    Concept Feedback

    Concept Feedback is a popular and freely available usability testing tool that is used to collect input and feedback of experts. Using this tool, information is gathered on interfaces and web designs. Once the design is submitted, a comprehensive review is sought from a panel of experts and reviewers here. The available responses on designs and interfaces can be used for further improvements.

    Concept Feedback tool

    Preview of Concept Feedback tool


    Chalkmark is a reasonably priced usability testing tool that enables sharing of images for review generation. Using this tool, an image would be shared with a user for the purpose of collecting feedback. Navigation would be tested to get an idea about the site’s usability from the user’s perspective.

    Chalkmark tool

    Preview of Chalkmark tool


    ClickTale is a paid usability testing tool that works on the concept of tracking. It tracks everything related to a user, like mouse clicks, time, keystrokes etc to gauge the navigation of the web page. Using this popular tool, the data can be arrayed in the form of reports.

    ClickTale tool

    Preview of ClickTale tool


    Ethnio is a free as well as paid usability testing tool that is used for remote testing purposes. With the help of JavaScript code, this tool helps in the usability testing for the intended web pages. It enables the facility to conduct a remote moderated test by finding the live users who would participate in the testing.

    Ethnio tool

    Preview of Ethnio tool

    Open Hallway

    Open Hallway is a popular and very reasonably priced usability testing tools. Using this tool, users can arrange usability testing sessions on a remote access basis. This tool has a browser-based screen and offers demonstration after the submission of the URLs. Codes are not available here to download and this tool brings an amazing sense of simplicity of use.

    Open Hallway tool

    Preview of Open Hallway tool


    Silverback is easily among the most popular usability testing tools around. Priced reasonably and free for first 30 days use, this is a Mac-drive software tool for the usability testing purposes. Using this popular tool, users can manage the usability testing sessions by recording and editing them.

    Silverback tool

    Preview of Silverback tool is a paid usability testing tool that also invites feedbacks and reviews. A pane-based tool, it offers testers’ feedback on the concerning usability aspects. Besides the feedback, a flash video is also included to make the review stand out. More so, a short note is also offered detailing the pros and cons of the feedback. tool

    Preview of tool


    Usabilla is a free usability testing tool that provides remote testing facility. Using this tool, feedbacks of a web page or image can easily be received from users on a remote-access basis. More so, it’s not only easy to set up, but also offers click-tracking information and qualitative data with the testing task.

    Usabilla tool

    Preview of Usabilla tool


    Loop11 is a paid testing tool that enables remote testing facility. Using this tool, actual users are utilized for the purpose of remote usability testing. Here testing could be done even without using software, as unmoderated remote usability testing is available.

    Loop11 tool

    Preview of Loop11 tool

    Five Second Test

    Five Second Test is a free usability testing tool that gives results as quickly as expected. Using this tool, images can be uploaded and feedback would be sought for them instantly, in 5 seconds. Based on the concept of tracking, it neither gives the data or report, not rates the feedback.

    Five Second Test tool

    Preview of Five Second Test tool


    Usability testing tools are important to analyze users’ experience about web pages or a website and hence, they must be give due preference. This article lists 10 popular usability testing tools and invites users to list more for tracking of users’ feedbacks and reviews to create good websites.

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