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  • Jan 9 2014

    20 Tools to Get More Out of Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

    Social media is one of the best and most effective ways to build an online community around your brand in order to grow your online business. If you’re marketing your business on social media, having a consistent presence on all reputed social networks – like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn – is a must. So you can understand the behavior of your customers and respond to them accordingly.

    As so many social media tools are available around the web, it’s really hard to know which one is perfect for you. To help you decide which social media tool you should use, here we’ve collected 20 best tools that don’t only help you get more traffic, but also generate new leads for your business. Whether you want to manage a complete social media eco-system or a single Twitter account, these tools are really useful and effective.

    Let’s have a look at them.

    20 Powerful Marketing Tools for a Social Media Marketer


    Hootsuite-Online marketing tools

    Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management tools, which help people and businesses improve their productivity by letting them manage their social media networks, track conversations and measure campaign results. With Hootsuite, you can do cool things- like managing social media, scheduling tweets and messages, analyzing your social media traffic, tracking brand mentions and much more – from a single dashboard.

    Used by more than 8 million professionals worldwide, Hootsuite become an essential tool for growing, nurturing, and engaging your audience. In addition to the above features, it also offers a powerful social analytics to help you get a better view of your participation in social media.


    Buffer-Online marketing tools

    Buffer is a smarter, easier and better way to share your content across social media networks at your favorite times throughout the day. This app is specially designed to help you handle your content sharing more efficiently and make your social media presence more consistent.

    Buffer makes your life easier by enabling you to schedule your content in a smarter way. You’ve to just fill up your Buffer once and Buffer will automatically post your content on your social networks through the day. Additionally, it has awesome features like detailed analytics, multiple accounts, custom scheduling and team member access, which make it the best social media management tool.

    Sprout Social:

    Sprout Social-Online marketing tools

    Sprout Social is a powerful social media management and engagement platform made for social businesses, which help them create an outstanding brand experience across social networks. It provides you a collaborative environment that helps you make your social communications faster, smarter and more efficient.

    With Sprout Social, you can seamlessly post and schedule your marketing messages to multiple social networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It offers a single stream Inbox designed to help you never miss a message, and several tools to make sure that your every customer is answered. With its built-in analytics, you can get reports for all of your social media channels and export them in a CSV file or presentation-ready PDF.


    Tweepi-Online marketing tools

    Tweepi is one of the best and most popular tools, which people use to manage and grow their Twitter accounts. It offers a set of several utilities- such as Flush, Reciprocate, Clean Up and Force Unfollow – which you can utilize for managing your Twitter profile. Using Tweepi’s Geeky Flush, you can quickly find the users that you followed, but didn’t follow you back.

    Tweepi’s Reciprocate utility helps you find all the users that followed you, but you didn’t follow them back. The cleanup tool enables you to filter all the inactive people out and unfollow them, while the Force Unfollow utility lets you filter out undesirable people who’re following you, and force them to unfollow you.


    Socialflow-Online marketing tools

    Socialflow is a complete business solution that uses real-time data to help you understand the changing behavior of your audience, and then let you publish your content to the windows where you can capture the peak attention. It is used by numerous major publishers including Mashable, National Geographic, The Washington Post and The Economist. The main motive of Socialflow is to help you deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.


    Disqus-Online marketing tools

    Disqus is the world’s most popular commenting and discussion system that connects people to stuff they like to talk about. With a clean and intuitive design, it allows you to discover and participate in the topics that you really love. You can add Disqus to your site/blog, if you’re interested to build a community of your active commenters and readers.

    Disqus can be easily integrated anywhere with WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Drupal, HTML and JavaScript. It is absolutely free to use and can easily adapt with the design and colors of your website. Apart from this, Disqus also offers you content-based advertising to let you earn money whenever a reader or commenter click on a sponsored story.


    Sendible-Online marketing tools

    Sendible is an enterprise class social media management tool used by marketers and businesses for promoting, growing and tracking their brands across multiple social media channels. It brings together the powers of Email, SMS and Social Media to help you engage with your customers; monitor your brand and measure results.

    With Sendible, you can post your messages and schedule your status updates to multiple social networks at once. With a single click, you’ll be able to send bulk messages to all of your social contacts. To measure how much effective your campaigns are, it offers a powerful analytics that help you keep track of your marketing efforts.


    SocialOomph-Online marketing tools

    SocialOomph is a simple and easy to use tool that increases your social media productivity. You can do a ton of things with this amazing tool like monitoring your social media activities, scheduling updates, finding quality people and more. However it is specially designed to boost your Twitter productivity, but it also includes a range of functions for Facebook, LinkedIn, Plurk,, RSS feeds and your own blog.


    TweetDeck-Online marketing tools

    TweetDeck is the most powerful tool developed by Twitter for real-time organizing, tracking and engagement. It offers an intuitive all in one interface through which you can do a lot of things like monitoring multiple timelines, building, organizing and exporting custom timelines, scheduling tweets, managing multiple accounts and more.

    With Tweetdeck, you can create searches to track hashtags, topics and events. It provides intuitive keyboard shortcuts for more efficient and faster navigation. You also don’t have to worry about refreshing your page repeatedly, as streaming of TweetDeck timelines occurs in real-time.


    Socialbro-Online marketing tools

    Socialbro is a complete suite of powerful marketing tools that help you learn how you can understand, target and manage your Twitter audience in a better and faster way. With its search and filter options, you’ll be able to target Twitter users who you’re looking for.

    One of the best features of SocialBro is its best tweet-time report. By analyzing the timelines of your followers, it generates a report that shows you which is the best time to tweet to take full advantage of it. Using SocialBro’s Twitter Dashboard, you can get detailed and powerful insights about your Twitter community.


    Swayy-Online marketing tools

    Swayy is a great web-based platform that enables you to discover the most interesting content (like articles, videos and info-graphics etc.) and share it with your audience on social media according to their interests. It drops the most engaging content into an intuitive and beautiful dashboard, where you can discover, read and share the most interesting articles, videos and more. In addition to its dashboard, another best feature of Savvy is sharing.

    A “share” button is given at bottom of the content, which allows you to share your content across multiple platforms. When you click this button, it automatically opens up your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. It features an analytics through which you can know which content is more beneficial for you to grow your online community. Moreover, you can schedule your content for sharing across a specific platform.


    Mention-Online marketing tools

    Mention, the best replacement for Google Alerts, is an ultimate monitoring tool that lets you stay informed about what’s important for you, without subscribing to any feed. It features a clean and simple user interface like Apple, which provide you great functionality and simple controls using which you can turn on/off specific sources.

    Using Mention, you can create real-time alerts on your competitors and get informed of any mention via push notifications. It lets you connect your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter) to your alerts and react to any mention without moving out of the application. With its powerful analytics tool, you can get an overview of your mentions, generate PDF reports and export your data in CSV format.


    Addvocate-Online marketing tools

    Addvocate is a social sharing platform for employees, which enables them to create, curate and share content for their organization. Employees are required to install a simple browser plugin that allows them to receive recommended content from a centralized team. Also, they can suggest content to each other and to another team.

    Addvocate features an analytics using which you can get detailed statistics about your employees, like which employee shares more social content and how many clicks his shared content is generated. Using leader boards, you can easily recognize which employee performed the best. It is quite easy-to-use tool, specially built to make your content sharing process easier and quicker.


    Tagboard-Online marketing tools

    Tagboard is a centralized social hub that enables you to monitor hashtags across different social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Vine, and To monitor a specific hashtag, you’ve to create a custom board. And then Tagboard automatically pulls in content from all these social sites based on the hashtag you’ve specified.

    Apart from aggregating social media from different social networks, it allows you to customize your board according to your brand. Using built in native interactions- like re-tweet, reply, like and comment – you can also engage with your social posts on a tagboard.


    ManageFlitter-Online marketing tools

    ManageFlitter is an amazing social media tool through which you can manage multiple Twitter accounts more effectively. The main motive of ManageFlitter is letting you “Work Faster & Smarter with Twitter”. One of the most unique features of ManageFlitter is PowerPost, using which you can schedule your tweets at optimal times for optimal engagement and visibility.

    ManageFlitter has an amazing set of engagement tools, which help you grow your Business on Twitter by connecting relevant and genuine people with you. Its Unfollow tool quickly displays you the people you’ve followed who don’t have profile photo, are inactive, don’t follow you back and much more.

    Socialbakers Analytics:

    Socialbakers Analytics-Online marketing tools

    Socialbakers Analytics is an effective social media measurement tool that maximizes your social media performance by helping you make the right decisions. It offers a multi-platform dashboard through which you can measure and compare your performance across different social media networks that includes Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

    You’re required to input a social media channel, and then you can gain insights into fan growth and engagement rates, and detailed information about the most active contributors. Also, you can analyze the performance of your competitors to know how you’re performing against them.

    Post Planner:

    Post Planner-Online marketing tools

    Post Planner is an intuitive content management application for Facebook, which provides you the ability to schedule your content for later posting. It features a Status Ideas & Content Engine that provide you high-quality, pre-written Facebook status updates and hottest trending content in your niche. This incredibly easy to use application works, looks and feels just like Facebook.

    Post Planner gives you full control on posting content to all your groups and pages in very less time. You can also upload your posts in CSV format and add them to a queue for auto-posting throughout the day. Also, it has a real-time analytics through which you can discover the best times to post, which type of content your fans love, and which posts got the most clicks.

    Komfo Analytics:

    Komfo Analytics-Online marketing tools

    Komfo Analytics is a social media analytics that helps you understand how much value you’ve in your social media networks. Using this tool, you’ll be able to get insights into all of your social media channels and compare them with your competitors. You can view demographic data, track conversions and get summaries of your performance in social media.

    It features a Facebook Post Analytics tool through which you can analyze your Facebook content on the basis of fan penetration, viral amplification, spam score, CTR and much more. You can easily understand which type of content is more engaging and who your most active fans are.


    Rignite-Online marketing tools

    Rignite is an easy-to-use tool using which you can monitor your social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook and YouTube – from a centralized dashboard. It allows you to run social media campaigns, manage and boost engagement, and measure what impact your social activity has on your business goals. You can also get reporting about your campaign to know whether it’s working or not.

    The best thing about this tool is its team collaboration features. It enables your team to build relationships with customers by helping them deliver a high quality response to social comments and email inquiries. You can have internal chat and forums within this tool, and assign tasks to your team members as well.


    Zapier-Online marketing tools

    Zapier is considered as a “game changer” in the world of social media marketing. It connects and automates over 250 web apps together and helps you get your work done faster. To automate your tedious tasks, it lets you create Zaps using over 250 web apps without any coding.

    Used by more than 100,000 people worldwide, Zap enables you to manage your connected accounts, monitor your activity in the dashboard and turn on/off Zaps whenever you want. It doesn’t only save your precious time and money, but also take care of repetitive tasks, so you can concentrate on your new business opportunities.

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