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  • Apr 6 2012

    6 Things about E-commerce Sites that Annoy Customers

    E-commerce sites are growing on a steady basis as number of people taking to business is swelling by each day. With the advancement in technology and cost reduction across verticals, it has become easy for a business to create an e-commerce site to do business. E-commerce websites are made to sell products and services, and catch the attention of the prospective visitors. In many cases, e-commerce sites fail to achieve the target due to many obvious reasons. In this write up, we discuss 6 things about e-commerce sites than annoy customers, like:

    Mediocre design

    E-commerce websites with mediocre design often fail to achieve the target of more visits and more sales. Having mediocre or bad graphic design means the site hardly attracts and catches the attention of the visitors. At the same time, having the bad design puts-off customers and forces them to rather prefer another site for the transaction. If the design is not up to the mark, visitors won’t trust the site at all and that, in turn, would never translate into enhanced sales.

    Bad customer service

    An e-commerce website that does not care about the customer service often fails to meet the proposed results. Customer services means having adequate communication tools in the site at appropriate places so that customers can easily find them. If you want to take your business to a new height, customer services has to be improved. After all, bad customer services easily drive the customers away to other easily available sources.

    Missing search option

    An e-commerce website with the missing of search option is sure to annoy the customers for making them work hard for the product search. By not having a search option, you are indirectly forcing the customers to go through a long list of product category and hierarchy to get the relevant product. With a search option, the customers are not required to search through the grids and categories; rather they can directly search to find the relevant product or service quickly.

    Absence of layered & filtered navigation

    In many cases, a filter option is not given and it definitely makes customers go red for the tasks of unnecessary searching. Buyers won’t like to search through product grids, as it takes a lot of time and effort to find the choice of product. E-commerce websites that don’t offer layered & filtered navigation must annoy customers very much.

    Unnecessary use of registration

    Customers often prefer ease and convenience t buy from e-commerce websites. If a hassle-free buying is not available, they won’t proceed and might never return to the site again. In many cases, some sites employ the tactics of forced registration, or force customers to log into the site to make the purchase. That kind of tactic annoys customers very much.

    Typo mistakes

    Typo mistakes at first seem a mild aspect, but they do have a major impact on the performance of an e-commerce website. If the typo errors are surfacing, the trust factor of a website dwindles steadily. If such mistakes are appearing again and again, it means, customers can be annoyed and sales would dip to lower heights.


    E-commerce websites are designed to sell products and invites customers for sales generation. If a site does not have user-friendly features, it will surely have fewer visitors than expected. This article lists 6 things about e-commerce sites that annoy customers; it invites users to list some more points that might annoy customers of e-commerce websites.

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