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  • Dec 4 2012

    Adobe Flash player stands firm: So what if Apple has Launched HTML5?

    The Adobe Flash player has gained a lot of fame in the previous decade with a large number of online corporations using it for content viewing. The recent research by Streaming Media was about the use of video players using technologies based on flash or HTML. While some used Adobe Flash player while others have switched over to HTML5.

    This debate for Adobe Flash to become more popular than HTML 5 has gained momentum in the last couple of months. Research from the survey of industry leaders in technology, as conducted by Streaming Media validated the findings for Flash supported players in displaying video content.

    Another report on the total forecast for the rise in the world wide web traffic as assessed by Cisco, affirmed predictions for mobile traffic to increase by 78% in five years, a rate that’s three times faster than desktop traffic. The organization’s white paper affirmed that the traffic for video content would be 82 % by 2016 and 70% of all such content would be mobile video. Thus on the side of measuring traffic over the web, adequate data had been in favor of a larger audience and visitors of videos as well as mobile content. In a nutshell, the progression related to the visitors increasingly being attracted to videos and streaming content would become a regular activity within a few years time.

    Comparatively, the research prepared by Streaming Media for websites favoring the use of Flash highlights the support for the technology. Many websites of organizations like Oracle, HP, Microsoft, Cisco, Apple, fourteen largest media outlets, sports sites, news services, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs were referred for the survey.

    Exceptions to Flash adoption were noticed in Microsoft, that has Silverlight (its own product) and Revision3 (an internet TV based firm) which has switched to HTML5.New perspective on the changeover from Flash to HTML5 for all video content is based on this recent research. Alternative technologies in competition with Flash like Silverlight and HTML5 have too thin a margin. Silverlight is more of a new option, but the adoption of this technology is less as it is not available on operating systems for Android or Blackberry. Thus, there is eventually no mobile support outside of Windows based phones. A pertinent question that arises about of video content viewing is for how long would Flash retain its place in the market? HTML5 is only an element for viewing video based content where it suffices as the standard and not as given video format. Therefore the only issue for HTML5 is compatibility. Also, it would let the browser decide an acceptable format to play video content.

    Organizing content for video stream or viewing videos using Flash is a much more acceptable method for many websites. Getting a correct video codec on behalf of the client for playing video content was a problem solved only by Flash. This helped Apple to play common video format for Windows without the need of any additional software’s. This technology supports a full screen mode and also has digital rights management.


    The latest development of Adobe giving up on mobile flash development had led to debates on whether HTML5 will take over Flash. Research reports are suggestive of mobile traffic being larger than desktop traffic. These reports also cite that Flash is being used more than HTML5, which is in comparison still to be tested for video content on websites. Compelling question of whether Flash would survive longer than HTML5 in the times to come is being debated already.

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