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  • Oct 12 2012

    Beautify your site with CSS3 Mega Menu Plugins/Extensions

    An appealing menu bar with proper navigation tabs undoubtedly plays a vital role in engaging the visitors to a website. But adding a CSS3 driven menu bar to your website will double your prospects as a beautifully customized navigation bar not only embellishes your website, but urges the visitors to thoroughly explore the site by looking at each and every element. Although some of the default themes and templates offered by the open source Content Management Systems, like, WordPress, Joomla or Drupal carries beautifully crafted navigation bars and drop down menus, yet sometimes they fail to meet the requirements of the customers due to their simplicity. Hence, the use of a customized theme opens the door for modification of the entire website ranging from the pictures and images to every minute detail of the HTML and CSS driven navigation menu bar.

    Today, with every small and big website and eCommerce site opting for CSS3 based mega menu bar to offer a clean look to their layouts while displaying all the necessary content in an effective manner, the popularity of mega menu navigations has grown far and wide. It has emerged as a key to building an elastic custom menu that is easy to incorporate into your website.

    Compatible with all the major browsers, including Internet Explorer version 6 and above, Firefox version 2 to 4, Safari version 4 and 5, Opera version 10 and 11, and Google Chrome version 4 and above, CSS3 mega menu option is purely HTML, XHTML and CSS driven add-on, that is purely responsive, and enables its users to enjoy the benefit of a CSS3 feature rich drop down and navigation mega menu. Here let us analyze the features of the CSS3 mega menu extension when added to various CMSes.

    CSS3 Mega Menu plug-in in WordPress:

    Using the CSS3 mega menu plug-in in WordPress will not only let the users create a customized navigation menu to their WordPress sites that is purely designed using the Cascading Style Sheet, but will also enable them to add multiple menus to their WordPress Web pages without using JavaScript.

    However, one can add and customize the mega menus of their WordPress site either by using the customized themes or by adding the Mega Menu Widget. Some of its striking features include:

    • 9 color scheme navigational menu
    • 2 light and dark drop down theme along with a user guide for easy start up
    • Incorporation of WordPress short codes that assists in content organization, lists creation and image styling in an easy and quick manner.
    • Easily customizable
    • Effortless organization of content in a 960 grid system and 6 columns.
    • Inclusion of Mega Menu template and Widget

    CSS3 Mega Menu extension for Joomla:

    Same as that in WordPress, the CSS3 mega navigation menu in Joomla too is fully designed on CSS, enabling the users to add multiple navigational tabs to their Joomla site. Its features include:

    • Compatibility to Joomla version 1.5.x and 1.6.x
    • Fully customizable with hiding options to menu items
    • Visibility of menu items depend upon the right allotted by the Admin
    • Can display up to 15 items in a single menu
    • Provides supports to multiple languages
    • Cross –browser compatibility
    • Comes in 9 different color variants
    • 2 drop down themes
    • Comes along with a user manual

    CSS3 Mega Menu module for Drupal:

    The Drupal navigation Mega Menu module is helpful in turning a dull and tedious website into a lively one by adding customizable CSS Mega Menus. Relying on Cascading Style Sheet version 3 the mega menu option allows the users to craft multiple navigation and drop down menus that can be placed both vertically and horizontally using the downward, left and the right positions. Its features include:

    • Inclusion of 2 color mega menu theme
    • Package of 9 attractive colors
    • Amalgamates with Drupal’s native menu system
    • Requires HTML knowledge


    Build with pure CSS3 style sheets, the mega menu extension not only makes it easy for the users to design an eye-catching menu bar for their websites and blogs, but is powerful enough to create highly customizable and innovative navigational tabs that are user friendly and easily configurable too.

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