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  • Oct 4 2011

    Comparing the Popular Online Mobile Testing Applications

    Mobile Revolution has leaded all the major and minor Websites of the World Wide Web to have a mobile version. You can also create the mobile version of your Website using themes, extensions, and other modifications. While making mobile version of your Website, you can test it on two, three or maximum five different Mobile handsets. After developing mobile version of your Website, you are not aware how it will appear in each mobile present on this earth as you have to buy each one of them to test it manually. Let us make this work simple for you by collecting few tools in this article to test the mobile version of your Website. You can test your Mobile Website on these tools, analyze it for the mistakes/errors, and then optimize it according to the recommendations. Let us have a look on the famous Mobile Testing Applications available online.

    W3C mobileOK Checker

    W3C tops every time when you come to the field of Website Testing. This time also W3C mobileOK Checker tops the Web-based Mobile Testing tools. You just have to visit its Website and enter the URL to test and this W3C will show whether your Website is mobile-ready or not along with what you can do to rectify the errors.

    W3C mobileOK Checker


    Read.Mobi is a service of dotMobi and an extension of W3C MobileOk Checker Service. It analyses your Website and provide the results in graph format whether the Website is optimized well for mobile or not. You can check one Web page without doing any efforts, but you have to create an account to test the whole Website.

    Ready.Mobi, an online Mobile Testing Service

    Google Mobile Testing

    Google, the search engine giant, also helps you testing your Website for Mobile. Visit the, enter the URL of your Website, and press Enter. It will show the Website in mobile format and you can check whether it is showing up good or not.

    Google Mobile Testing

    iPad Peek

    Currently, Apple iPad is the highest selling tablet. If you are optimizing your Website for Mobile then you must also check its compatibility for iPad as well. Visit the iPad Peek Website, enter the URL and press enter to show how your Website looks on iPad.

    iPad Peek Website to test Website look & feel on iPads

    Test iPhone

    With all controversies, Apple iPhone is still one of the best selling smartphones around the globe. Do not miss iPhone testing while checking your Website on Android, Symbian, and Windows Mobile platforms. You just have to visit the Test iPhone Website, enter the URL and press ENTER key to do iPhone testing of your Website.

    Test iPhone – A Website to do free iPhone Testing in seconds


    Fed up of testing on emulators and Web-based Apps and thinking to buy a Premium Mobile Website Testing service, go for Gomez as it provides Try Before You Buy option. You just have to fill up a small form and it will send the images captured on iPhone 3Gs, iPad, BlackBerry Storm 2 and Google Nexus One. After that, you can decide whether you have to buy this service or not.

    Gomez provides premium Cross-Device Website Compatibility Testing Service.

    Opera Mobile Emulator

    Opera is one of the best mobile Web browsers available in the market. Almost each Java-compatible handset supports either Opera Mini or Opera Mobile. Nowadays, Opera is also available for iPhone, Android and Symbian platforms. You can test your Website in this famous Mobile browser by visiting its online demo.

    Opera Mini 6 Demo

    BOLT Demo

    BOLT is another leading Mobile Web browser. It mainly works on Java-compatible mobiles but the company also plans to launch an Android version. Test your Website on BOLT by using its online demo.


    BOLT Browser Demo


    You can use above tools to check the working of your mobile Website. According to the results, you can modify the Website to work better on each platform. We hope that you will find this post helpful. Now, we invite our readers to provide their valuable suggestions through comments.

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