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  • Sep 18 2012

    Facebook Presents HTML5 Driven Project to its Users

    The social networking giant Facebook is all set to launch the HTML5 version of its platform within a short period of time. The version won’t be distributed through Apple App store but would nevertheless run on Apple’s Safari Browser, has been christened as, “Project Spartan”. Aimed to provide an impeccable mobile experience to its users without adhering to the rules defined by Apple.

    An overview of Project Spartan:

    Developed with the help of third party developers, “Project Spartan” will comprise of components like: Bookmarking icons for applications, Notifications, messages, friend request, and integration of Facebook mobile application. The project is also expected to include certain added features like: App Searching, inviting support etc. along with support for Android and Apple’s operating system driven devices.

    Reports say that the HTML5 driven “Project Spartan” is an effort by Facebook to capture a share of the rapidly growing mobile market, which has been so far ruled by Apple. It also claims that the social network is trying to strengthen its Facebook credits and payments systems through this project in order to take care of its payments transacted against its applications.

    Purpose behind the Project:

    According to a report, the purpose behind unveiling this HTML5 driven project is to make Facebook games and applications available to the users directly from its own platform instead of relying on Apple’s ecosystem. It aims at reaching those 100 million users who use only HTML5 supported browser on their mobile devices. However, the day is not too far when Facebook will be declared as a mobile savvy company with a list of impressive applications and projects being released for its mobile users on regular intervals.

    Although the mobile platform will be launched to run on HTML5 supported Safari browser from Apple, yet it won’t get distributed through the Apple’s App store with Facebook wanting to divulge away from the Apple’s mobile application market. The new platform will have an automatic Facebook login using an entirely new set of Application Programming Interface that greatly complements the social gaming platform of operating systems like Android and iOS. Thus, at times it seems that the new HTML5 platform by Facebook is entirely meant for social gaming.

    With more than 80 developers being deputed by the social network to work on the “Spartan Project”, the project is still in its developing process with works on applications from Zynga and Huffington Post being continued. However, a formal launch of the applications has been anticipated in the future soon after the completion of its development.

    Functionality of the Project:

    According to the report, when a user would log in to the mobile site of Facebook, the “Project Spartan” one could see a drop down menu that will highlight the web applications that the site contains. These applications can be framed within Facebook to give them the functionality of the Facebook, revealed a source.

    Functionality of the Project

    Impact of HTML5 over native web applications:

    It has been assumed by experts that with HTML5 taking the centre stage in the development of mobile web applications, some of the application developing companies other than Facebook too are seeking to the platform for development of certain mobile friendly web applications. This ignorance about the native web applications with the rising popularity of HTML5 will lead them nowhere. However, with a huge social reach and equipped with both users and developers alike, Facebook is expected to make a huge splash in the mobile scenario in the times to come.


    The fight between Apple and Facebook, which started with Apple announcing Twitter as its partner for iOS5, ignoring its long association with Facebook, has stretched further now. No doubt, Facebook wants to tap into the massive popularity of iDevices like iPhone and iPad, but in its very own way. Apart from this, Android too will be a part of this platform. Initially the platform would be accessed through the mobile Safari browser of iOS devices only.

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