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  • Nov 14 2012

    HTML5 design strategy for mobiles

    Marketing for mobile requires an effective strategy to cater to different market segments and build a simple platform for the products. Mobile products with user friendly applications are being purchased in large numbers. This market has also expanded the reach of apps by utilizing HTML5 devices with numerous enhancements. The number of total mobile web users is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 16.6% from 2010 till 2015.


    A splendid new iteration of the markup language HTML5 improves the consumer experience with a range of design development. Mobiles can easily bring together location aware capabilities, high resolution image galleries, expanded navigations, collapsible menus and advanced shopping carts. The mobile web growth has become enriched with the upcoming HTML5 in the market. Extended features allow the devices to further enhance utility for users.

    Following, are a few of them:-
    • File Access :- Better photo , audio, email attachments and file management on a given browser. These can be accessed directly from the browser for the given device.
    • Improved form based input :-An effective support for line of business applications with simplification for complicated inputs and data validations directly for a given browser
    • Canvas :-A better support of the device from the markup allows 2D drawings, shapes, creating graphs, animations and games.
    • Offline Caching and Local Storage :-Enables web applications to function more like native applications for supporting client information and even where there isn’t a web connection.
    • Web Workers :-Faster processing of website content from running background scripts directly in the browser but independent of the user interface scripts.The markup language for mobile devices has consistently provided unique interactive features while also building better image or branding. A creative approach of the new add-on from HTML5 supports customers to utilize a mobile having effective functions.
    • Leveraging Smartphone’s Camera :-The cameras with HTML5 capability can be used in-apps to enhance reading Q.R. ( Quick Response ) and Bar Codes. Integrating all the QR codes for a mobile app strategy includes more effective innovations for marketing and advertising options of content.
    • Push Notifications :-These bring a direct contact with loyal customers from an open line of communication. A unique broadcast platform for spreading targeted promotions and for enabling the news for the brand.
    • Unique Brand Experiences :-It will augment the brand with better design of promotions and build loyal customers.

    Mobile Handsets

    The mobile devices have a select HTML5 based enhancement from Javascript and CSS3. It enables customers to get mobile site features for improved graphic and functionality. There is an option to have a cross platform strategy for effective control of more content at less cost than most other native applications. A given lite version of the mobile application is worth more to the consumers than only downloading similar apps. Specific informations and task management are easily carried out using a fully configured application.


    HTML5 based advanced features for mobiles provide fast processing on broadband networks. All kinds of mobile devices including Smartphones, could manage to secure a better brand loyalty by employing the right applications. A customer can have a personalized mobile while also having the element of making newer discoveries, attached to it.

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