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  • Jun 28 2012

    HTML5 In WordPress: The New Beginning

    Hyper text markup language or HTML5 designed WordPress sites are favored as compared to with other CMSes. HTML5 in addition to being supported by new applications has simple new features that are an edge over the earlier HTML4.  Cross platform device compatibility, consistency and effective pricing, are some of the valuable gains. HTML5 let’s designers have better ease and provide value to their designs in WordPress.


    HTML5 provides better accessibility than HTML or HTML4. Tags are called sections in HTML5. These nav and section tags enables search engines to become more accurate in observing designed website content through link categorization. Thus, where HTML 4 has tagging, HTML5 has developed accessibility from the tagging feature as well.

    Cross device platform

    HTML5 is also a good cross device applicability platform. A number of devices like television, computer, laptop, tablets and many others are compatible with HTML5. A good fit with these devices leads to a high compatibility and accessibility, simultaneously.

    Simpler coding

    A simple coding from HTML5 for a clean and effective browser coding provides a better video search and indexation. Thus the advantage in a content strategy, with help of HTML5 is also valid for video and multiplayer capability. Thus the coding removes any available div tags and replaces with semantic coding elements.


    Websites would become more integrated with different types of standards. It is here that HTML5 scores over similar other markup languages since the coding is consistent with semantics. Developers observing the consistent semantic coding from HTML5, easily understand and develop their projects.

    Fulfils web application

    HTML5 develops applications with an easy front end, discussion boards, wikis and other useful elements. Thus, HMTL5 can design using applications that are simple and easier to integrate and apply.

    Client side database

    While cookies track unique user data for a number of years, these normally have a disadvantage. From HTML5 the greater gain in comparison to HTML is use of sessionstorage and localstorage, two applications for temporarily storing structured data in place of cookies. Data can support the web application and also be accessed while offline.

    Newer forms

    New form types and elements from HTML5 certify the online information as accurate and authentic. Checks and validations for ensuring that the scripts are original are important and easily made available from HTML5. From HTML5 a website’s loading speed and user experience is more accurate while there is a reduced need for Javascript.


    HTML5 has reduced need for third party programmes and plugins. Embedded video and audio, high quality graphic drawings, charts and animations get successfully completed from HTML5. Usability and interactivity of web applications is far better from HTML5.

    Reduced costs

    HTML5 with a long array of established and new features can enhance interoperability. The software handles and manages the elements in a more precise way to eliminate costs, excess time and undue expenditures.

    Offline cache HTML5 can easily provide a solution for developing websites with specified caches for files. By being offline, the page would still load properly and correctly while other improvements are also included for offline browsing, faster loading of files and reduced loads on server.

    Geolocation support

    With the help of HTML5 geo-location APIs (application programming interface) are made available. The locations generated from GPS and other methods are easily verified and compatible with HTML5 based application.


    HTML5 as the new markup language for website design has splendid new features and attractive improvements. A number of these features and add-ons simplify design and application usability. HTML5 thus provides alternative to previous other markup languages.

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