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  • Apr 16 2013

    Magento Vs Big Commerce: Which platform to choose for making your online store

    If you are thinking about expanding the boundaries of your business, there is no better idea than creating an online e-commerce store through which you can sell your products and services right from home. Even for creating a e-commerce website there are a number of online platforms available for free or for a marginal cost. Out of such platforms Magento and Big Commerce share a tight competition. Both are dedicated e-commerce platforms and both can be used to make any type of e-commerce website.

    However there is one significant difference between the two. Big commerce only has paid versions where as Magento has both paid versions (Enterprise edition and Professional edition) as well as a free open source version (Community edition). This difference has created a sizeable gap between the popularity of the two platforms and it is reflected in the twitter statistics of the two.


    The twitter profile of Magento shows that it has twice the number of followers than Big Commerce’s twitter account and thus enjoys much more popularity than Big Commerce. It also has a better documentation and better community support. Big Commerce on the other hand has a dedicated customer support to trouble shoot any problem and offer a variety of different plans and features. Another thing to note here is the number of accounts followed by both platforms. While Magento being a community developed tool follows more than 12000 accounts, Big Commerce only follows around 3700 accounts. The competition between the two is visible in the engagement rate, the number of tweets and number of tweets per week. These statistics show that both have equally engaging followers.

    Magento and Big Commerce both are active for more than 1500 days in twitter and both are equal in the question of creating e-commerce websites. However the free edition of the Magento has an edge in popularity than the Big Commerce and only time will tell which platform will win the race.

    magento-vs-bigcommerce infographic

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