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  • Jul 11 2012

    Managing Offline Business With WordPress ‘Quotation Plugin’

    It is well known to us that with the advent of internet and technology, advertising has become the easiest and cheapest means of selling products. Hence, most of the businesses, big or small are jumping on the bandwagon to give a huge push to their marketing efforts. But, if your business does not have an internet presence yet, and you feel that it’s lagging behind, then you need not worry any more.  You can be abreast of your competitors even without managing your e-business. Yes, that’s true. John Cook, the founder of DIV Text LLC that develops websites and software has now developed a new plugin ‘Quotation Plugin 101’ for the popular publishing platform WordPress, which would act as a piece of cake for the offline business owners.  However, one need not have to be technically sound to reap the benefits of the plugin. It is an easy-to use estimator module that will speed up and simplify the estimation process of your business by performing all the complicated calculations automatically.

    The web extension ‘Quotation Plugin’ can prove to be beneficial for anyone, who is running a business. Even the street vendors can take its advantage, who doesn’t sell stuffs online. This online estimator can give you a huge score in your business by providing your customers with fast and reliable cost estimate. It has been designed to make the price or quotes estimation process much simpler. In other words, it can be termed as an online calculator, intended especially for people, who hate complicated calculations. It also provides convenience to customers as they don’t have to wait for days to get the info they are looking for.


    • Instant Online Quoting: It produces the quotes instantly and accurately over the internet. Unlike a conventional calculator, it computes large numbers quickly and efficiently. To get the cost estimate of a particular product or service, all the user has to do is to select values from the menu available on the website where the estimator is located.
    • Smart Costing Engine: The WordPress quote engine utilizes a simple, yet brilliant way of costing your quotes accurately and easily. It gives you an authentic quote without complicating the process.
    • Easy Page Integration: The page integration feature of this plugin makes it easier to put your quotes on a page without employing any complexities. You can insert a quote object in your page by employing a simple and short code.
    • Increase Your Enquiries: Providing instant real time quotations or estimates in your website will impress your prospects and deliver benefits to them as well as to your business. For instance, if you own a flower shop and you have a huge customer base across the globe, liking to your flower arrangements, then it is quite difficult to handle inquiries from interested buyers. So with the installation of WordPress quote plugin you don’t have to answer each and every question of your customers. By visiting your website and using the estimator can find an answer to all their queries. Thus, it provides convenience to both business owners and customers.
    • Quick and Easy Setup: A WordPress quote plugin always works on websites managed by WordPress content management systems. It can be installed and utilized in the same day.
    • Accurate, quick and Easy: It enables you to set quick and accurate quotes in minutes. It helps to perform multiple calculations accurately and easily without taking much time. For instance, if you have interested homeowners visiting your website then let them use the estimator to determine the selling price of their unwanted homes. Aside from finding a potential home seller, you’ll have more time to do other things since you don’t have to personally visit the property just to give them a detailed quotation.
    • Industry Compliant: The quote plugin is not restricted to any particular industry and market segment. It does add most value to service based businesses. It doesn’t matter whether you own a book shop, a flower shop, or an antique store. You can configure it according to the products that you are selling. Even if you don’t own a shop and just provide services or consultations, you can still install an estimator in your website. For instance, if you’re an event planner or a home decorator, you can utilize the WordPress quotation plugin on your official site to let potential clients know the cost of your services.
    • Blitz Your Competition: You can unleash your competitors to take 24 to 48 hours to respond to their leads, while your leads receive immediate information with ready to execute response.
    • Customizable: The ‘quotation plugin’ is fully customizable, where you can customize the entire page by setting the size, number of fields required, location, etc. You can also modify and configure the quote structure as per your requirements. You can even program it to send emails to your customers.


    The use of ‘WordPress quotation plugin’ is not just limited to those who sell stuff online. Even people, who want to make it big in the world of entrepreneurship, can definitely take advantage of this simple yet powerful tool freely available over the internet.

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