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  • Jul 18 2012

    New Web Design Tools For 2012

    New web designing tools for creating graphics and markups in CSS and other languages, are latest and modern. These web tools are mostly open source while other tools are paid version. From these new tools differently styled designs are created using simpler codes. In this article, we would discuss the 10 new web design tools for 2012.


    A new web design tool, pears is designed for simple theme installations while providing a hospitable work environment. Different coding or styling partnerships lead to a good and workable interfaced pattern pairings. Thus, pears provides an overall common pattern to markups and styles.

    Preview of Pears tool

    Preview of Pears tool

    Variable Grid System

    This new design tool from sprysoft is based on 960 grid system. CSS grid designs are generated quickly and easily from this tool. The CSS grid design for a site is one of the best, from the variable grid system tool. Thus, the tool ensures a good grid underlying design for a website.

    Preview of Variable Grid System toolPreview of Variable Grid System tool

    Web Site Dimensions

    From the free tool – website dimensions, one can easily change the layout of a website based on detected screen size of a given device. The tool utilizes w3c stats, CSS and mediaqueries for regular updations for a website, with details on safer areas and physical dimensions. Includes a live checker as well as large amount of information for a site within it’s tables.

    Preview of  Web Site Dimensions  toolPreview of  Web Site Dimensions  tool

    An image placeholder service for the website and finalizing layouts, the tool ‘’ is new design tool. Utilizing new markups, the tool creates new image placeholders as also custom placeholder text. The tool provides a good design for the final layout, within the build phase of the project.

    Preview of  toolPreview of  tool


    A flexible javascript solution for use in website design. The tool is 6kb only with no-frills and a framework independent design. This tool provides a minimal polyfill to browsers where native support is unavailable. It starts off as a qualified and progressive enhancement while the content can be scrolled easily.

    Preview of Overthrow toolPreview of Overthrow tool


    The free tool IvanK.js, is inspired to perform design and render graphics from GPU and WebGL. This is a javascript 2D graphics library using flash. This has a very less space of 60 kb only. Designed apps would run equally well with Smartphone and Androids. IvanK.js is a 2D javascript library for the visual programmer.

    Preview of  IvanK.js toolPreview of  IvanK.js tool


    A web based CSS design tool provides a cross browser compatible CSS design very quickly. Optional formatting and excluded options with a usable click to obtain the CSS cross browser code. The design tool includes few optional features.

    Preview of  Prefixr toolPreview of  Prefixr tool


    The free web tool sequence is a highly customizable design tool. This is a primary jquery tool utilizing CSS3 technology. The tool has unique features like the support for all modern browsers, responsive layouts, touch devices and is semantic as also open source. Thus the tool provides a complete functionality for the website, without using any given set theme.

    Preview of   Sequence tool

    CSS3 shapes

    The CSS3Shapes is a web design tool for creating geometric shapes using CSS3. The site features a list of common and not so common codes for geometric shapes and building these from CSS3. A simple code tool for use by designers and developers.

    Preview of CSS3 shapes  toolPreview of CSS3 shapes  tool


    This is a simple pattern generating graphic web design tool. The graphical web interface draws patterns and generates the CSS code for the user. A simple web design tool for creating graphics.

    Preview of  Patternify toolPreview of  Patternify tool


    New web design tools for creating simple as well as modern graphics have been introduced in 2012. These tools occupy less space and have an easy to use coding. In this article, we have discussed the 10 new web design tools for 2012.

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