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  • Jun 19 2012

    Now Magento To Befriend ‘Yottaa Inc.’

    The question isn’t so much about- what if Magento hadn’t existed; instead, a more pertinent question would be- had it been this convenient to construct an eCommerce site without Magento? The answer is no. As a matter of fact, since its inception, Magento has been relentlessly trying to enhance eCommerce for its enthusiasts.

    Yottaa-Magento come together

    In a recent development, Magento has announced Yottaa Inc. as its bronze partner. Yotta-is an Internet optimization organization that aids businesses enhance their site speed within a couple of clicks.

    Yottaa’s superior website optimization technique has led the eCommerce sites constructed via Magento to attain quicker page loading time for its visitors.

    The move has come in as a step towards improving sales, bettering search engine optimization and lowering the website bounce rates. Officials of Magento and Yottaa were present at the the IRCE 2012 (Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition), the biggest eCommerce conclave, that was held in Chicago.

    Yotta’s  usage in Magento

    Magento’s might cannot be underestimated. It has been the choicest platform for millions of entrepreneurs for eCommerce ventures. Quite surprisingly many customers as well as eCommerce merchants have already employed Yottaa to examine their portals for problem recognition, deterrence, enhanced speed, superior SEO as well as to guard their web sites from malfunction and threats.

    What’s Yottaa got?

    Yottaa has an umbrella of services, comprising of site accessibility, supervising performance, Internet performance optimization, delivering the content, site security and mobile acceleration.

    Comments from the Top Brass

    The President of One Pica Inc. Greg Segall, was reportedly heard saying that being a Digital Commerce Agency, his enterprise realizes that when it comes to income and conversion- what speed and seamless navigation can provide a Website- is beyond compare. He further added that they are quite delighted to partner with Yotta and offer its numerous advantages to their Magento clients.

    Yotta’s CEO, Coach Wei, opined that no online marketer wants to miss a revenue earning  prospect. And most of the times it happens due to the sluggish pace with which the site functions. As a result people abandon the site in no time and there’s no scope of potential customers.

    He also said that, with such an increase in eCommerce sites, Magento has been successful in creating quite a stir in the market, plus a huge community of users makes Magento an ideal partner for Yottaa.  It is dedicated to aid eCommerce venturers, so that they can convert more and more prospects into sales and assure that  buyers get to face a minimum downtime during a purchase.

    What Common users have to say

    Mutual customers of Magento and Yottaa have witnessed quite a lot of benefits already. Post applying Yotta’s solutions in their Magento eCommerce site,, the online seller of popular cookies has experienced a significant surge in their ROI, owing to better Website speed. In terms of statistics, Smiley Cookie’s average order size was amplified by 18%, besides the ‘time spent on site’ of its visitants sprang up to 30%, as also the the site’s bounce rate lessened by 10%. This optimal performance was achieved in the midst of gargantuan traffic; certainly the organization’s excellent marketing and PR work also had a role to play.


    Speed optimization through Yottaa renders you great many advantages over other such similar approaches, giving you better performance. Great speed is its biggest asset. It’s noticed that speed radically revs up the delivery and implementation of the web pages.

    Yottaa has been consistent in ensuring quicker and better experience to the users, irrespective of the place the site is being accessed from, the technologies its web server runs on or the code behind the Web pages.

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