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  • Jan 28 2014

    15 Must-Have Tools for a Killer Presentation

    Online presentation are one of the most effective ways to present your ideas to your clients or colleagues. The effectiveness of any presentation depends on the structure, styling and attractiveness of the slides, which are being presented to the audience. So it’s mandatory to make your presentations creative and innovative in order to entertain and inspire your audience.

    As creating a presentation can sometimes be an annoying task, you can take benefit from one of the many tools available around the web for creating presentations. To help you get your job done in quick time, we’ve collected 15 powerful presentation tools that you should definitely check out, if you’re really serious about making your presentations more engaging. Some of them are free while others come with a cost.

    Lets have a look at them!


    Prezi-Presentation Tool

    Prezi is one of the most popular and easy to use online presentation tools that lets you create amazing presentations with ease. The best thing about Prezi is its zooming feature through which you’ll be able to make your presentations more engaging and hold the attention of your audience. Presentations created with Prezi are accessible from everywhere, no matter which device you’re using.

    However, Prezi allows you to import your PowerPoint presentations, but if you want to experience it in a better way, then you should create a Prezi presentation from scratch. You can get started with a range of professionally designed templates. After creating a presentation, you can either download it as a .exe file or publish it directly online. In addition, it provides a immense library of free content that you can reuse in your presentations.

    #Zoho Show:

    zoho-show-Presentation Tool

    Zoho Show, a part of Zoho Docs, is another impressive online presentation tool for creating, editing and sharing presentations from anywhere. With this great tool, you can create a new presentation or edit an existing PowerPoint presentation. It comes with a variety of superbly customizable themes with eye catching design and attractive color palette.

    With Zoho Show, you’ll be able to insert images, videos, animations, transitions in your presentations. In addition, this great platform also gives you the option of sharing your presentations among your social networks or embedding them in your web pages.


    Vcasmo-Presentation Tool

    Vcasmo is a powerful and user friendly platform through which you can create and publish multimedia presentations online. It allows you to upload audios, videos, images, PDFs and existing PowerPoint slides, and then combine all them in a single stunningly beautiful presentation. It delivers you presentations in Flash or HTML5 format, which support playback in browser, desktop, mobile, iPad, or iPhone.

    This remarkable presentation tool comes with a user-friendly visual editor, which is used for arranging slides in a Timeline. You can also add subtitles, articles and link to other web pages inside your slides. After creating your presentation, you can either download its offline version or embed it in your blog/website.

    present-Presentation Tool is the easiest, fastest and intuitive way to create, upload, edit and share presentations. It is a cloud-based web application that allows users to upload a PowerPoint, Google Doc or PDF (Keynote or Prezi) file, and then record and deliver the presentation via their web cam.

    With the help of, you’ll be able to present your presentation and communicate to your audience at the same time. You can tell your story or share your ideas with them by explaining the content of your slides through the mouse arrow. Best of all, it also offers an Analytics to help you monitor your presentation stats.


    knovio-Presentation Tool

    Knovio is another innovative presentation tool that lets you create and share effective video presentations in minutes. Whether you’re using this incredible tool for education, business or individually, it adds your personality to your presentations to make them more effective.

    To create a rich video presentation using Knovio, you’ve to upload a static PowerPoint presentation, and then narrate it with audio/video using a microphone/webcam. Additionally, it also enables you to make required changes to your video presentation without using any video editing software. Once your presentation is created, you can share it privately or across social networks.


    empressr-Presentation Tool

    Empressr is an open source rich media presentation tool, which comes with a wide range of standard presentation features. Using it, you can create cool slide shows just by uploading your audios, videos and images. It offers an extensive media library to help you upload and manege your media files, and is packed with advanced features like keyword support, filter, search and drag-n-drop, so you can locate your files easily.

    One of the best thing about Empressr is that it lets you quickly import images from other websites like Google, Yahoo, Flickr and Photobucket. It can also be used to create corporate presentations, as it includes tools for tables and charts. Presentations created with Empressr are quite easy to embed anywhere, whether its WordPress, Blogger, Friendster or any other platform.

    #EWC Presenter:

    EWC presenter

    EWC Presenter is an awesome tool that help users quickly create, design and publish engaging presentations and other types of visual content like info-graphics, product demos, banner ads and much more. Whether you’re a novice having no animation knowledge or a expert developer or designer, Presenter is perfect for you.

    This an all-in-one cloud based tool comes with a number of attractive templates, which are easily customizable according to your needs. To further beautify your presentations, EWC Presenter offers a wide range of objects like shapes, icons, charts and text designs etc. Once you’re done, you can simply publish your work online or share it on social networks or with your friends.


    slideshare-Presentation Tool

    SlideShare is one of the leading and world’s largest platform for sharing whatever your love through presentations, documents, info-graphics etc. The best thing is it also has support for videos, PDFs and webinars. You can upload your ready-made presentations and re-design them using basic designing options offered by SlideShare.

    With 60M visitors and 130M page views per month, SlideShare is one of the most visited websites of the world. With its paid version, it offers you a dynamic analytics to help you measure the performance of your presentations.

    #Google Presentations:

    google-Presentation Tool

    Google Presentations, part of the Google Drive, is the most widely used service to create new presentations on your own in real time. It lets you import your existing PowerPoint presentations and further modify them using numerous editing options. All the changes you’ve made will be saved automatically in Google Drive.

    If you don’t have a PowerPoint presentation, you can create a new presentation from scratch using several themes provided by Google. Once your presentation is completed, you can publish it to the web, embed into your website/blog, and share on your social networks. The killer feature of Google Presentations is that multiple users from different locations can work on a presentation simultaneously.


    powtoon-Presentation Tool

    Powtoon is a free and easy to use presentation tool for creating amazing animated videos and presentations. Using Powtoon, you can create website and explainer videos, social clips, product demos and much more. It doesn’t require you to be a professional animator to get started, as it comes with all the animation tools that are essential to quickly create a professional presentation.

    To help you animate your presentations and capture your audience’s attention, it provides active text sequences, eye-popping images, dynamic characters and more. Once you’ve created your Powtoon, you can downloaded to your computer or get it on YouTube with a few clicks.


    Kizoa-Presentation Tool

    Kizoa is another user-friendly presentation tool, which can be used for creating video, making slideshow and building collage. It offers a variety of customizable templates to choose from, which you can use to create your slideshows and videos. There are more than 300 unique transitions and 200 themed animations available to help you add beauty to your presentations. You can also integrate text effects, music and special effects like snowing, raining, rising balloons and falling rose petals to wow your audience.


    Goanimate-Presentation Tool

    GoAnimate is a easy to use platform that makes it easy for you to create professional animated video presentations. It comes with a set of powerful tools using which you can swap a background, add a character or start a scene with a few clicks. GoAnimate’s libraries are filled with thousands of styles, characters, actions, settings and backgrounds to enhances the visual excitement of your presentations.

    To further personalize your presentations, an option is also available to import your elements such as screen capture, company logo or any background. One of the best feature of GoAnimate is you can add several sound effects to the audio of your presentations to bring your moments to life.

    #Jet Slides:

    jetslide-Presentation Tool

    Jet Slides is a web-based presentation builder that enables you to create interactive webcasts through which you can generate sales, educate clients and interact with your global audience dynamically. It has numerous customizing options including import graphics, customize layouts, apply themes and choose colors.

    Jet Slides delivers your web video content at the fastest speed by using dedicated bandwidth to push out your videos to your audience. Additionally, you can also generate revenue by integrating Pay-Per-View feature (that is specially made for correspondence education programmes and online training courses) to your presentations.

    #Presentation Tube:


    Presentation Tube is a online video sharing network to help students, teachers and business professionals create, upload and share quality video presentations with ease. It offers a free desktop presentation recorder through which users can narrate and annotate PowerPoint slides, and synchronize different visual aids including drawing board, whiteboard, webcam footage and web browser. By integrating scrollable slide thumbnails with your recorded video, it enhances the involvement of your audience with your presentation.


    slideboom-Presentation Tool

    With SlideBoom, you can produce remarkable web-ready presentations using your existing PowerPoint presentations. It offers PowerPoint to Flash Converter, a PowerPoint add-in, for converting your PowerPoint presentations to HTML5, Flash or to the combined format. The most prominent feature of SlideBoom is graphical annotations, means you can explain the content of your slides with a marker. Moreover, you can create a group and build your SlideBoom community to share and discuss presentations on the topic you really love.

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