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  • Jun 11 2013

    PSD to HTML Conversion Service: Evolution and Scope

    PSD to HTML conversion is an integral part of web designing. PSD files have to be converted into HTML and CSS in order to be displayed and used on the website. In the past, there was no tough competition among the PSD to HTML conversion service providers as the number of conversion service providers available in the web development industry were considerably low.

    However, the evolution of the internet has taken the business world by storm. While this has lead to a significant increase in the number of websites and a rapid expansion of online business, the demand for PSD to HTML conversion service providers has also increased largely. The need for improved turnaround time and increased customer satisfaction has further accelerated the growth of PSD slicing service providers.

    Need for PSD to HTML conversion

    A web designer can create a truly astounding PSD design for a website but it cannot run in a compatible web browser until it is converted into HTML or XHTML. Converting PSD to HTML/XHTML requires adequate skill, knowledge and ample time. Many web designers have a good working knowledge of PSD to HTML/XHTML or PSD to Word Press, but since they are experts only in the field of designing, HTML conversion can turn out to be both tedious and time consuming for them.

    psd to website coding

    Moreover, there are rapid advancements in the modern PSD to HTML conversion market. Numerous additional features keep on entering the HTML world, which are difficult for the designers to comprehend. Web designers will therefore, require a lot of time to finish their projects, which in turn lead to a decline in productivity. If however, people who have an expertise in the field of PSD to HTML conversion do the coding, the turnaround time, product quality and productivity will shoot up to greater levels. Consequently, there is a substantial growth in the demand of HTML developers.

    Current Trend – Hire HTML Developer

    Hire HTML Developer

    There has been a continuous and tremendous growth in the web designing industry and as a result, the competition among the players has reached the next level. The present trend in the image-to-mark-up conversion market is to outsource HTML developer for high quality PSD to HTML conversion in order to keep your business on the cutting edge.

    When you get your PSD to HTML conversion performed by experts, you get to enjoy some great advantages like perfect quality, better functionality and accessibility, optimum usability, quick loading speed, multiple browser compatibility, hand-coded and pixel perfect mark-ups, nicely structured and semantic codes. One small bug can hamper the entire functionality of a website and therefore it is always advisable to hire a proficient web developer.

    The growth of PSD to HTML conversion has evolved a great deal from an ineffective version to the most popular and revised one. After HTML, several revised and updated versions like HTML 2.0, 3.0, 3.2, 4.0, 4.01, XHTML 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 have come up with plenty of features that have completely transformed the web development market. HTML 5, the latest version of the Hyper Text Markup Language has revised powers and exceptional features for PSD to HTML conversion. The fifth version of HTML is power-packed with Web Forms 2.0, scripting application-programming interfaces (APIs), error handling capabilities and a lot more updates that are needful. It gives an impression that there will be less demand for the PSD to HTML conversion services.

    Will PSD to HTML 5 bring down PSD to HTML conversion business?

    Experts eyeing the future of PSD to HTML conversion services believe that PSD to HTML conversion is not likely to get much affected by the launch HTML 5. In fact, it is estimated that even during the HTML 5 era, PSD to HTML conversion will continue to rule the web designing and development industry.

    Certainly, HTML 5 is jam-packed with powerful features and amazing functionalities but its error handling and backward compatibility are not capable to accommodate issues like unstructured and unformatted XHTML/ CSS. Moreover, nothing can underrate the importance of semantic codes and valid/ standards compliant.

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