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  • Jan 29 2013

    Redefining blogging through WordPress for iOS

    You can push the limits of your blogging experience with WordPress for iOS and its features. Now you can update your travel blog about Grand Canyon, from the wilderness of Grand Canyon itself, through you iPhone. Automattic, the company behind WordPress brings you an app for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, through which you can edit, create, and update your self-hosted WordPress blog or your blog. Just like the WordPress platform WordPress for iOS is free and open source, and is developed by a community of programmers and testers.

    History of WordPress for iOS

    The first version of the application was launched on July 21st 2008 and was made available in the app store from 22nd July 2008. When compared to the first version of WordPress for Android, the Android application for editing WordPress, WordPress for iOS 1.0 was full of features. Development of WordPress for iOS is also relative faster along with faster updates. The latest version 3.3.1, was launched on January 11th 2013 and is available for download from iTunes App store {}. The app works only on iOS 5 and higher, and is optimized for iPhone 5. In addition it will only work on self hosted WordPress sites that are built on WordPress 3.1 or higher.

    What you can do with WordPress for iOS

    The main use of this app is to edit, create, and delete posts and pages of your WordPress blog, but there are many additional things that you can do with this app. So without further ado let’s look at all the features of WordPress for iOS.

    • Posts, Comments, and Pages
      • An efficient user interface that makes it faster to switch between comments, posts, and pages.
      • You can create, edit and delete Posts and Pages. App has a spelling checker too
      • Edit, add or remove features of the posts and pages such as categories, tags, embedded photos and featured images. You can add multiple categories also.
      • You can delete a post or page by swiping across its title in the Posts or Pages list.
      • Content in the posts and pages can be styled from the app itself. The supported features include bold, italics, links, bulleted lists, ordered and unordered lists, strikethrough, and basic HTML code tags.
      • Posts can be saved as drafts on the site as well as locally on the iOS device as local hosts.
      • Posts are auto saved so that no data is lost in abrupt network disconnections during publishing.
      • App has a user friendly comment interface that displays author’s Gravatars, URL, and email ID.
      • Admin can reply to the comments, edit comments, delete comments, and highlight new items in the comment list.
      • Get support for moderating the comments in bulk.
      • The posts pages and comments can be published asynchronously.
    • Media
      • Has a special “Quick Photo” button through which you can take a picture from the iOs device itself and upload it directly in the post. No need even to add title or description about photo.
      • You can add featured image of posts and pages. Only if this feature is supported by the theme of the blog.
      • Images and other media can be added above or below the content.
      • Users can resize an image through this app.
      • Through this app itself you can directly record, upload, attach and even play videos.
      • Publish the videos on the web through VideoPress.
      • Displays media information such as size, dimensions, title etc.
    • Other Important Features
      • From WordPress for iOS version 2.4, the app supports all types of iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
      • The landscape mode has an extra wide keyboard.
      • The app supports Push Notifications for, and can support self hosted WordPress blogs through jetpack 1.8.2 or higher.
      • The app re-opens in the blog that is last used.
      • Users can manually add XMLRPC endpoint for non-standard setups. Useful for older version of apps that are used on the old version of iOS.
      • It includes upport for HTTP authentication for password-protected self-hosted blogs.
      • App has an inbuilt support for Geotagging for blogs, and through Geolocation plugin for self-hosted WordPress blogs.
      • The app has an inbuilt crash reporting system.
      • It can check statistics of your blog such as daily views by date, top post views, search keywords, clicks, and referrers for the past seven days. Need an addition plugin, such as Jetpack , for self hosted WordPress blog
      • Blogs are translatable through the app. The languages supported include Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.
      • In addition the developers have added sounds in the latest edition of WordPress for iOS, that you will hear when you use the app, such as a swish sound on opening a panel on the iPhone, a pulling sound when you refresh the content and a click when it’s refreshed.


    WordPress for iOS is a very popular app for Apple devices, but it is not very highly rated. The reason behind it is that the every version of app comes with its own set of bugs. Even though these bugs are remedied very frequently in the newer versions, every Apple iOS update or a new feature in the app create its own set of unique problems. Therefore we see many new versions in the history of app that only contain long lists of bug fixes instead of new features. However, the high popularity of the WordPress platform and persistent open source community of WordPress for iOS developers, are keeping this application alive.

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