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  • Jan 12 2012

    Social Plugins of WordPress to take advantage of booming online social media

    With social networks keep adding millions of users per year, websites around can’t ignore features that tap into such a golden marketing prospect in the form of these social site users. Websites and blog sites have are inserting social plugins like Toolbars, Widgets and other options to allow their visitors to connect with their selected social network and socially sharing the Website content. WordPress offers a wide range of open source plugins, which enables convenient sharing of content on the social networks. In this write up, we will include some easy-to-use plugins to spread your content on major social networks. WordPress-websites can use these plugins to avail a kind of marketing benefit that would not be possible otherwise.

    Social Slider

    Compatible up to 3.2.1

    Social Slider is a plug-in that adds a sort of different by being cute and unique. It floats either on the right or left side of a web page and attracts the visitor to give a notice. This trendy plugin helps users to add innumerable sites with custom icons.

    Screenshot of Social Slider Plugin

    Screenshot of Social Slider Plugin (Courtesy: WordPress Plugin Directory)

    Shareaholic SexyBookmarks

    Compatible up to 3.2.1

    With a tacky name to entice, SexyBookmarks makes sharing a lot of fun.  Visitors can easily share content of a website or blog with the help of some good-looking, lively icons placed either at the top or bottom of the site or blog. You can animate the sharing icons and also add the other famous social buttons such as Facebook Like, Facebook Send and Google +1.

    Screenshot of Sexy Bookmarks plugin

    Screenshot of Sexy Bookmarks plugin (Courtesy: WordPress Plugin Directory)


    Compatible up to 3.2.1

    AddtoAny is a popular plugin that enables visitors to share the content of a website to majority of networks just by clicking the mouse. With the help of this plugin, users of a website can easily share, bookmark, and email the content through social networking sites.

    Screenshot of Add To Any

    Screenshot of Add To Any (Courtesy:  WordPress Plugin Directory)

    Digg Digg

    Compatible up to 3.1.4

    Digg Digg is a popular social plugin that gives users an opportunity to add sharing buttons of popular social networking sites. This plugin will enable users to add connect to the most popular 20 social networks through a set of buttons.

    Screenshot of Digg Digg plugin

    Screenshot of Digg Digg plugin (Courtesy: WordPress Plugin Directory)


    Compatible up to 3.1.4

    LifeStream is a popular plugin that helps to stream content from social platforms to specified websites. It displays the real-time updates from 50 different Websites having your profile. For example, you can show updates from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace.

    List of Feed Options in LifeStream Plugin

    List of Feed Options in LifeStream Plugin


    Compatible up to 3.0.5

    ShareThis gives visitors a chance to share the content of a website or blog on more than 50 social networks. This popular plugin has gone through thousands of implementations to evolve into a likeable plugin.

    Screenshot of Share This Plugin

    Screenshot of Share This Plugin (Courtesy: WordPress Plugin Directory)

    LinkedIn Share Button

    Compatible up to 3.0.5

    LinkedIn Share Button is a plugin for LinkedIn and easily gets integrated into WordPress blog. With the arrival of this plugin, getting quickly connected to LinkedIn has become fairly ease now. Users now have the ease and speed to share content with their LinkedIn network.

    Screenshot of LinkedIn Share Button Plugin

    Screenshot of LinkedIn Share Button Plugin (Courtesy: WordPress Plugin Directory)


    Compatible up to 3.3

    TwitterCounter is a popular plugin that displays the number of Twitter followers. This plugin is more like a badge and you is easily put it on your WordPress Website to show the number of followers of your Twitter account. This plugin scores in terms of choices as users can display the badge on various locations of the blog, as per the wish.

    Screenshot of Twitter Counter Plugin

    Screenshot of Twitter Counter Plugin (Courtesy: WordPress Plugin Directory)


    Compatible up to 2.8.5

    Sociable is an extremely trendy social sharing plugin, which supports most of the social networks. This immensely likeable plugin will ensure various icons to be listed categorically on the site. It supports almost all the existing social networking sites and thus, commands a great respect.

    Screenshot of Socialable plugin

    Screenshot of Socialable plugin (Courtesy: WordPress Plugin Directory)

    WordPress Plugins for Facebook

    WordPress users have a lot of plugins to connect, integrate or share content and information with Facebook, like:

    JanRain RPX

    Compatible up to 3.2.1

    A site with JanRain RPX plugin gets to accept logins through more than one ways. The plugin enables a site to be accessed through Google, Yahoo, Twitter, MySpaceID, and Facebook Connect etc. This plugin ensures that a user can login with the help of any of the existing accounts like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. A site can be used now to expand/ share comments to different social sites.

    Screenshot of JanRain RPX Plugin

    Screenshot of JanRain RPX Plugin (Courtesy: WordPress Plugin Directory)


    Compatible up to 3.0.5

    Wordbook offers its users an opportunity to publish blog updates to their profile mini-feed of Facebook. With the help of this plugin, a user can easily cross-post the blog posts to Facebook Wall. More so, there would be a desirable chronology of the posted blogs as the “Boxes” tab will show the newest post.

    Screenshot of Wordbook Plugin

    Screenshot of Wordbook Plugin (Courtesy: WordPress Plugin Directory)


    Compatible up to 2.1

    QuailPress enables adding of a button for readers to share content on Facebook account. A user now has a chance to share any post on their Facebook account. In other word, the QuailPress plugin enables anyone to integrate with Facebook share.


    Compatible up to 3.1.4

    With the help of Fotobook, users get a chance to link to the Facebook accounts to import photos. The imported photos then can be used blog posts. This plugin allows showing the photo albums on a WordPress page. More so, it gives a choice of photo insertion into posts/pages.

    Facebook Dashboard Widget

    Compatible up to 3.0.5

    This plugin enables displaying of Facebook friends status and notifications at WordPress admin dashboard. With the help of Facebook Dashboard Widget, anyone’s status updates RSS feed could easily be processed now. This plugin gives the ease of knowing everything about another user even without actually logging into Facebook.

    Screenshot of FaceBook Dashboard Widget Plugin

    Screenshot of FaceBook Dashboard Widget Plugin (Courtesy: WordPress Plugin Directory)


    Compatible up to 2.9.2

    WP-FacebookConnect brings a range of FB functionality to WordPress with the help of FB Connect APIs. This social plugin ensures a single- signon with a Facebook account. More so, comments can now be sent directly to newsfeed for further proliferation.

    Add To Facebook

    Compatible up to 2.7

    Add To Facebook is a popular plugin that enables adding a link at the bottom of an article so that it can be shared on Facebook by visitors. As soon as the user clicks the link, he/she is instantly taken to the Facebook site. The post gets added to the Mini- Feed of the users’ account once he/she logs into the account.

    WordPress Plugins for Twitter

    Twitter is a major social connectivity site now and you can easily integrate it within your WordPress Website. Some of the beneficial plugins that connect twitter to WordPress are:

    Wickett Twitter Widget

    Compatible up to: 3.0.5

    This plugin shows tweets in the sidebar of a WordPress blog. With the help of Wickett Twitter Widget plugin, the latest Tweets can now be displayed inside WordPress widgets. It also gives a chance to customize Tweet displays and also ensures the customization of number of tweets displayed.

    Screenshot of Wickett Twitter Widget Plugin

    Screenshot of Wickett Twitter Widget Plugin (Courtesy: WordPress Plugin Directory)


    Compatible up to 2.7.1

    TwitThis allows sending of Twitter messages about a blog post or website to next users in the loop. With the availability of TwitThis plugin, blogs now can easily be retweeted. Users can easily install this plugin for retweeting the post quickly.

    Twitter Tools

    Compatible up to 3.0.5

    If anyone is looking for a seamless integration between twitter account and WordPress blog, there is Twitter Tools plugin that helps to meet this purpose. After all, integration opens up the door of prospects by letting one share content or anything mutually for gains. Twitter Tools allows integration between WordPress blog and Twitter account.


    Compatible up to 2.7.1

    TweetThis enables a Twitter icon to every post that, in turn, gives users a chance to share the same on their Twitter accounts. This plugin combines many steps so that a user can take advantage of a good posting on twitter. Short URLs are created using this plugin so that the post on twitter retains the essence.

    Screenshot of Tweet This Plugin

    Screenshot of Tweet This Plugin (Courtesy: WordPress Plugin Directory)

    TweetMeme button

    Compatible up to 3.0.5

    This plugin allows blog posts to be retweeted with a certain degree of ease. With the TweetMeme button plugin, the user can have the precise number of their retweeted post/page throughout Twitter.

    Screenshot of TweetMeme Button Plugin

    Screenshot of TweetMeme Button Plugin (Courtesy: WordPress Plugin Directory)


    Social networks are an integral aspect of online marketing for its massive user base and their constant activity of sharing content from one platform to another.  The marketers must avail the advantage of this specific category offers by tweaking websites and addition features. WordPress has some of the best websites around and they must be added with plugins to give a new meaning to online marketing and promotion.

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