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  • May 13 2011

    The Best Tool to Design your Website

    There were around 266,848,493 Websites on Internet till December 2010 as per Netcraft Web Survey. 47 million new host names and 7 million active Websites were added till its survey. The number is still going on. If you are going to launch your Website in near future then it must have something unique so that you can get large number of regular visitors.

    The first thing to be preferred by each visitor is the Website Design. Giving an eye-catchy and faster loading design is the key to get more number of visitors. And the Website design solely depends upon the tools being used for designing. In this write up, we’ll discuss three famous Adobe tools frequently being used for designing. However, we invite our readers to let others know about the tool being used and why.

    Adobe Photoshop

    Photoshop needs no introduction as it’s one of the excellent and popular software being used for Web & Graphic designing. It is the first choice of each Web designer to create regular, innovative, and creative designs for their clients or employers. Adobe Photoshop is raster based designing software and works on pixel based levels. You can create the large-sized images in it but when you scale them then they’ll look pixilated. That’s why Designing Industry Experts suggest using Photoshop only when you’re sure about the design size and other measurements.

    Adobe Illustrator

    The Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based graphic editor and is famous for creating vector arts. This is mostly being used for Print Media instead of Website Designing. However, this is the preferred to tools to generate the vector based image files like EPS and SVG. The graphics created in Illustrator doesn’t look pixilated even on high zoom out or low zoom in.

    Adobe InDesign

    Adobe InDesign is another vector-based application. It is mostly used to design books, newspapers, magazines, brochures, flyers, and posters. One can use Adobe Digital Suite InDesign to publish content on e-book readers and tablets.

    What Do you Suggest?

    Now, we invite our readers to tell which program they use in their Web designing and why. Please keep us informed and other readers of this article about the benefits of your opted Web designing tool. This will create awareness amongst us.

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