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  • Apr 10 2012

    Things to consider for a search friendly CMS

    Having a search friendly CMS will offer a range of benefits, including more visitors and an enhanced visibility for a website or blog. If a website’s visibility is enhanced, it means it’s now easily accessible to more people at the same time. With that, the website will easily meet the needs in terms of marketing, promotion and revenue generation. Thus, having a CMS that brings in SEO benefits would be a great move on your part. In this write up, we discuss things to consider for a search friendly CMS, like:

    H1 Heads & Titles

    Having authority of the basic page elements is the foremost priority of a search friendly CMS. If your vendor does not allow a specific level of authority and flexibility for H1 heads, Meta description and titles, it’s high time to replace them with another sensible one. There are many who offer the desired control, though charge extra money in the name of a customization task. A CMS that does not provide complete authority over these basic page elements won’t be a good bet for SEO purpose and hence, must not be picked in the first place.

    Title Tag Customization

    A CMS must give a kind of flexibility with the title tags for better rankings and results. After all, a title tag has to be customized as per the page-specific needs; if not done the same specific customization, the rankings would never be effective. With this facility, users can easily categorize blog pages, forum pages etc are per a specific page. The customization works fine where the need is to categorize the segment and content for specific results.

    Image ALT Attributes

    Images are also a vital search component and hence, they must be given the due treatment. A CMS must enable users to easily insert ALT attribute inside image tags for enhanced rankings. If this ability is not available, a vital search component would be missed. Now images are searched alongside the content and hence, this facility is very vital.

    URLs with keywords

    A CMS must offer the custom URL generation facility so that the overall rankings and SEO of a website is enhanced. If the URLs are created as per the choice and requirements, the result would be effective. If there is the chance to create an URL structure, that would benefit in many ways.

    Anchor text Customization

    Having the facility to customize the anchor text is needed for more effective inbound link generation. Many CMSs don’t enable the ease of customization with the anchor text and hence, are not deemed a favorable option. Users must consider this anchor text issue for more effective SEO results.

    Custom Meta Tag & robot tags

    Having the customization facility for the Meta description and robots tags would be very essential for better SEO results. A CMS that offers the customization of these two vital components would indeed be a good SEO tool.


    The content must be re-directed properly so that the desired benefits are taken out. Many CMSs don’t offer the facility and thus, are not considered SEO friendly. 301- Redirect is one the best available tools for perfect redirection of WebPages and hence, it must be used. If you execute 301-redirect, it means you are creating opportunities for better SEO of the web pages.

    Ease with URLs

    A CMS that deal in clean URLs is a good tool for SEO. On the contrary, having session IDs in place for the URLs negatively impacts the search potential of web pages. Too much cluttering with the URLs is not found conducive for rankings and hence, clean URLs must be achieved.

    Role of Cookies

    Information sharing with the help of cookies means enhanced search rankings for a website. As a result, a CMS that exploits cookies for the sharing of users’ information must be preferred. If cookies are not used, it means the search rankings would not be as effective as it would have been had it been the cookies in use.


    Breadcrumbs are vital for an enhanced SEO of a web page for many specific reasons. Basically they are created to give relevancy to the site’s content. More so, they boost the crawling capacity of the content and hence, they must be created for better SEO. After all, relevancy has its own benefits, and breadcrumbs thus are a good SEO ploy.

    Sitemap generation

    A sitemap plays a vital role in the SEO of a website or web page. First of all, the sitemap informs the search engines about the new content listings in the site. More so, it also helps with the crawling of the relevant content only. A CMS that creates an XML sitemap should be preferred for good SEO.


    A CMS that enables SEO benefits should be selected to meet the proposed targets of the website. If a search friendly CMS is not selected, a lot of work has to be put in for its better rankings and enhanced visibility. This article lists things to consider for a search friendly CMS; users are invited to add more to the list for easy availability of effective CMSs.

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