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  • Apr 11 2012

    Tips to solve cross browser compatibility issues

    Cross browser compatibility ensures that a website gets open in all available web browsers. In another word, cross browser compatibility means that a website should open uniformly on all web browsers for better results. When tested for this compatibility, the website is bound to perform well by being widely accessible to users from across the globe. If a website is compatible with some popular web browsers like IE, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, it means it would be good for the owners and users. Therefore, steps must be taken to solve cross browser compatibility issues. In this write up, we discuss tips to solve this vital issue, like;

    Browser testing

    Browser testing is the very important task to assess the website’s compatibility with available browsers. If a website is tested against a browser and then checked for few more, many compatibility related issues would be sorted out immediately. This is the easiest and most convenient way to remove any visible cross browser compatibility issues.

    Manual coding

    Manual coding always fetches better results than automated coding. For cross browser compatibility, it’s important that a website uses hand written code. If the coding is done using hand, the website would perform optimally in some of the popular web browsers. If the performance of the website is improved, it would attract more visitors. Therefore, it’s advisable to prefer manual coding than pinning hope on system generated codes.

    Code validation

    Code validation is a vital issue that must be deal with at the earliest for cross browser compatibility. There are many validators available and any one of them could be used for code validation. This step is done to remove invalid codes so that the website performs optimally. If invalid codes are not removed, it will negatively impact a website. Using a free online validator would solve this issue related to cross browser compatibility.

    CSS Style Sheets

    CSS Style Sheets have to be used properly for the purpose of optimal results of a website. A website needs every of its aspects to click together, and Style Sheet is one of them. Style sheets work for the positioning and hence, the overall productivity either enhances or lowers. So it’s important that the position is kept right through the use and management of CSS Style sheets.

    Table-less structure data

    Having table-less structure data would be beneficial for a website for many reasons. Having table does work in the favor of SEO of a website and hence, fewer visitors get attracted towards the website.  More so, tables also impact the loading speed of a website and hence, must be avoided. They all utilize a lot of space and therefore, should never be used to structure data.

    Tracking of users’ search

    For a website, the compatibility for a popular browser is a must to perform optimally. So a website must be made cross browser compatible for the most popular web browser around. For this, it’s important to keep track of the users’ visits and preference to browsers. Once the preference is known, it would be easy to come up with a solution to look for cross browser compatibility. It means, analytics do have a major role and it must be used for good measures.


    Simplicity of design is a must, though the charm must be there. A simple and charming website often catches the attention of more visitors than a dull and complex website. If a website has been designed complex, it means, its chances to attract visitors remain low. So it’s better to no show an inclination towards a complex design. After all, the foremost purpose of the website is to catch the attention of users.

    CSS Reset

    A website must be cross browser compatible to let it achieve the targets. If it’s not, the website would never perform optimally and targets won’t be met. Before working on a project, it’s important to reset the CSS; this would help in cross browser compatibility and enhance a website’s performance. Using any of CSS resets, this task could be performed so that the website does never face issue of browser compatibility.


    A website must be cross browser compatible so that it’s easily accessible to users from across the globe. There, steps must be taken to check a website for its cross browser compatibility issue. This article offers few important tips to solve this issue, and invites users to add more to the list so that a website performs optimally.

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