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  • Jul 19 2011

    Top 10 Sign Up Forms

    The Sign up form is an important perspective of a Website. We need a Sign up form to build the relationship with our regular visitors, readers, or buyers. If the Sign up form is not designed effectively then the number of visitors turning into regular users/buyers might not be impressive.

    In this write up, we’ll highlight the top 10 Sign up forms and you can refer them while designing yours.



    Open, fill above form having three text fields and one radio button, and click on Start My Family Tree. Geni does not ask to verify the email address and enter a password when a visitor first time lands on its home page. It allows the visitors to start using its service.

    While a visitor is enjoying its service, Geni sends an email to visitor’ email address with a default password and logged in him/her automatically. After allowing the visitors to save their family tree, it asks them to verify the email address and change the password. What a nice service indeed! You can use the same concept and allow visitors enjoying the services offered without forcing them to register first.

    Nokia Ovi App Wizard

    Nokia Ovi App Wizard

    Nokia Ovi App Wizard allows visitors to create Nokia Ovi mobile application from the RSS feed of a Website, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook channels. It just engages the visitors to create the application on its landing page without forcing them to register first with Nokia Ovi.



    Posterous provides the easy to use blogging service. You have to enter details in just three text fields and click the large button ‘You’re almost there’ to start blogging. If you don’t want to do that even then Posterous gives an option to email your blog, they’ll publish it and create a login ID for you.


    Tumblr Sign up form

    Tumblr is another blogging service allowing users to post their articles, images, and host multimedia files. It only asks for three details: email address, password, and URL.


    Twitter Sign up Form

    Twitter is a famous social networking micro-blogging service. It only asks to fill four text fields, checks the username’s availability on-the-fly, and doesn’t ask for ‘Re-enter your Password’.

    There are ample amount of chances that user can forget the password if he/she is entering the password only once. Therefore, we suggest you either to ask password twice or in case of single password box, you should give a checkbox option to unmask/mask the password so that users can check what they’ve entered.


    blekko sign up form

    blekko is the new social search engine allow users to like and report spam the search results. There is no need to sign up if you want to search the Web using its slash tags. However, it requires you to login for liking and reporting spam the URLs appeared in search results. The best thing is that blekko checks the username’s availability instantly while you’re typing and modifies the validation as you change the text in user name box.


    Amazon Sign up Form

    Amazon is a famous online store. It has integrated both Sign up and Sign in forms together. The new users can select ‘No, I am a new customer’ and click ‘Sign in using our secure server’. Amazon will send an email to the provided email address with the instructions to create the new account.


    Flickr Sign up Form

    Browse the and it asks ‘Create a New account’. Click on this button and then a pop-up window appears asking to login with your Yahoo, Google, and Facebook accounts.


    Sign up form of

    Reddit is the famous micro-blogging news service. The text fields like username, password, verify password, and CAPTCHA are marked as essential, whereas email is optional. Reddit has established its own library of CAPTCHAs and incoporates white alphanumeric words with net-shaped black background.


    Delicious Sign up Form

    Delicious is the famous online bookmarking service from Yahoo! Yes, its sign up form is large but it shows the option to Check username availability as soon as someone types a name in the user name box.


    Header of Yahoo Sign up form has the traditional large sign up form but it currently adopted the functionality allowing users to sign up using their existing Google, Facebook, or any other Yahoo account.


    Facebook Sign Up

    Like Tumblr, Posterous, and Geni; the social-networking giant aka Facebook shows the sign up form on its home page itself. The visitors have to enter the email address twice but password once. In addition, Facebook doesn’t ask for CAPTCHA and automatically sends the verification email to provided email address.


    You can take inspiration from above sign up forms and design an innovative one for your Website. With invent of social login options, the visitors always like to sign up with their existing accounts on other trusted parties. We invite our readers to add more interesting and innovative sign up forms using links in their valuable comments.

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