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  • Feb 4 2013

    Top 5 Automatic Article Submission Software

    SEO is one of the most time consuming tasks in the entire Internet Marketing process, and it generally costs a lot to companies who’re seeking to get their websites ranked on the first search engine result pages. However, with the availability of automatic content submission software you can do the cost cutting, and even get the real results that you actually want. But finding the most useful software could be really difficult. And that’s why we have done a research and have brought you a list of top 5 article submission software given below, which can take your website from nowhere to the top slot on search engines.

    1 :- Unique Article Wizard

    Unique Article Wizard

    On various SEO forums, where people discuss about the best automatic article submission software, Unique Article Wizard ranks at the top. According to the info posted by the developer of this tool, it submits an altogether different article on every article directory site it targets to publish your content and gets a backlink for your ‘money site’ (the website you want to rank on search engines). To its users, it provides some of the most unique features, like they don’t need to create accounts on article directory sites, and don’t need to respond to the verification emails either. If it fulfills what it states, then truly, this would be an impressive auto article submission program that you can use.

    2 :- Article Marketing Robot

    Article Marketing Robot

    If you want your website to rank on the first search engine result pages of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, then this software might be helpful for you, but only “if it does what is says.” According to its developer, it can do ‘Mass Article Submission’, Auto-Remove bad sites, Article Spinning, and Build Contextual Links. In addition to this, it comes pre-packed with Captcha Sinper Support, Proxy Support, Inbuilt Pinger, and can manage schedule submission on his own. Moreover, if you feel tired of creating new accounts on article submission sites, then this could be your perfect choice, as it can also create new author accounts for you within minutes. And if you find it difficult to use, you can ask for the technical support.

    3 :- Article Submitter

    Article Submitter

    Article Submitter is one of the most popular article submission software, which submits the user’s website to 4500+ directories, 50+ article submission websites, and 200 feed sites. Isn’t that amazing? With this software, you don’t need to edit your articles according to different guidelines issues by the article sites, and save on time as it manages the entire submission process pretty easily. Besides, you can utilize that time in creating high quality and niche articles, which will eventually help build superior quality backlinks pointing back to your website. Moreover, it regularly updates the list of directories keeping you worry free about new sites that you can use for building new backlinks.

    4 :- Article Bot


    Off-page SEO is a tough process, which takes a lot of time, and at times it can even frustrate you. However, with ArticleBot, you can entirely eliminate that time consuming process, and in return you can get high quality backlinks, which are of utmost importance to rank on major search engines, pointing back to your site from a handful list of 450+ Article Directories. In ArticleBot, you can add n-number of article manual submission sites. It can also make new author accounts for you automatically, and it supports the CAPTCHA submission, which makes you bypass the Human Verification process included by a majority of the article directory websites on their article submission form.

    5 :- Magic Article Submitter

    Magic Article Submitter

    This software is one of the most cheapest and powerful one when it comes to automatic article submission software. It is available at an unbelievable price of $4.95 for the first month, and costs $67/month after that. Additionally, it also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, which makes it more reliable amongst all other article submission software that are available today. By using this powerful software application, you can submit your content to more than 2000 unique content and social media sites like WordPress Blogs, Forum Sites, Press Release Sites, Micro Blogs, Niche Sites, with just a few mouse clicks. Additionally, it has got the power to verify Captcha integrated on most of the article sites, and it can also capture and organize all backlinks created with it.

    With this article we have only brought you the list of most useful automated article submission software in an unbiased format, and all of these have been selected only after performing a thorough research and going through the reviews posted by a large number of users on dedicated SEO forums like Warrior Forum. In addition to this, we are neither related to any of these software providers in any manner, and nor we mean to promote these software. In fact, @Seosemanticxhtml, we have never tried and tested these automated software for Internet Marketing, and neither we intend to do it in the near future, instead we believe that what Manual SEO process can do for ranking a website on search engines, can never be done or accomplished by using these kinds of software.

    If you have any query or suggestion, you are free to drop us a comment below and we will definitely consider them and try to bring you blog posts that you will like.

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