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  • Dec 22 2011

    Using Social Web Albums to Promote Your Blog

    Almost every blogger insert the images in their blog to highlight their message. We all tag these images with appropriate keywords in title, caption, and description attributes. We all do this with a common aim of getting the attention of Image Search Engines to our Website. This is being a years old strategy. Let us tell you a secret for achieving this aim in a better manner along with large potential audience and quality links from/to our Website.

    You can share your images on social image hosting Websites like Flickr and Picasa to get attention of masses. Flickr has 26 million users, whereas Picasa also has good amount of audience counting to 500,000 users. We are sure that both of the figures are more than total number of visitors on your Website. Do you know you can take benefit of their large and continuously increasing user base to promote your Website? We will tell you how in this article, stay tuned and read below!

    Both Flickr and Picasa offer free accounts to the end users. One can create an account on both of them. Upload your pictures there and create slideshows. You can tag the uploaded pictures with keywords. What’s more? You can also add the short description about the image and show its location as well. You must enter the appropriate keywords to tag any picture. Both Flickr and Picasa allow you creating the slideshow of uploaded images.

    You will get the URL of the image after uploading it on any Image Sharing Site. In addition, you will also get the code to embed these images in your blogs. Important: If you’re using any image from Web Album Sites then give a backlink on the image pointing to the source URL of its Web Album. You just have to copy the embed code from a Web Album Profile and paste it to your Website’s source code.

    Both Picasa and Flickr provide the backend software and apps to upload the images directly from computer, mobile handsets, and few digital cameras. This is much better than uploading the images through FTP or via CMS’ inbuilt media uploading feature.

    Key Benefits of using Web Albums to upload your Images

    • You will get high-end quality incoming and outgoing links without nofollow tags.
    • Embedded images at your Website will make good presence in the Image Search Engines resulting into good ranking and more visitors’ traffic.
    • Using the images uploaded at Web Albums results into
    • less storage consumption
    • less load on Web Server
    • fewer bandwidth costs
    • You create the slideshow of images in both Picasa and Flickr. Embed the slideshow code to your Website to show it. This slideshow helps you to attract more visitors on the Website.
    • Create fantasy and customized Picasa/Flickr image galleries at your blog. These galleries are much better in features and look than traditional image galleries of WordPress or Drupal. You can either manually copy and create the image galleries or make use of third-party plug-ins or modules for it.
    • Add geo-location tags to the images in Web Albums and embed them on your Website. The search engines give more preference to the images with geo-tags.
    • You can search, invite and get connected with other users of the Web Albums. Doing this will make you popular and have more audience for your profile first and then for your Website.
    • Share the images at Twitter, Facebook, Blogger etc. from the Web Album profile itself.

    Difference Between Picasa and Flickr

    • Both of them offers free account but Yahoo! Flickr offers unlimited storage whereas Google Picasa provides 1GB free storage
    • Flickr allows 100MB uploading per month only. On the contrary, Picasa has no limits.
    • Flickr allows uploading of 2 videos only with free account, but you can upload as many as videos you want with Picasa until storage space permits. NOTE: You can also use YouTube or Metacafe to upload the videos.
    • Flickr has larger user base than Picasa, but Picasa is backed up by Google. You can invite Gmail Friends to your Picasa profiles.
    • Flickr allows uploading the images in JPEG, GIF, and PNG files and store them with the similar extension or format. On the contrary, Picasa converts all the images into JPEG format.
    • Flickr shows only newly uploaded 200MB photographs. If you upload more pictures then it does not show the old photographs but links to hidden images will work. On the contrary, Picasa shows all the uploaded images.

    Tips & Tricks

    • Make use of a graphic editor to shorten the size of images to be uploaded on the Web. If you do not want to buy the paid software then favor open source image editors like GIMP and Inkscape.
    • If you are creating account on both Picasa and Flickr then upload different images on both of them.
    • Use the Website name as username on Picasa or Flickr.
    • Leave the URL of your Website or blog in the Profile page of both Picasa and Flickr.
    • Create images to describe the services, products, and content of your Website. Publish these images on the Web Albums.
    • Write catchy title, tags, and description of the uploaded images.
    • Join the relevant groups/communities in Flickr and Picasa. Follow the groups’ images and let them follow yours.
    • Search on the Web Albums for nice pictures, leave comments, and follow their owners. And then invite them to follow your images.
    • Follow the users who are following yours profile.
    • Upload at least one to two photographs daily on Flickr or Picasa and embed them to your Website.
    • Show the badge from Picasa and/or Flickr at your Website with a link to your profile page.


    • Do not add the watermark or any other notification indicating the URL or name of your Website. Both Picasa and Flickr do not allow such promotional images.
    • Do not leave the linked keywords anywhere in Picasa or Flickr.
    • Do not post advertising images in the group discussions.

    It is a truth that an image worth more than 1000 written words. If you also believe in it, then share the images and broadcast your message and populate your blog. Both Picasa and Flickr are giving you a great opportunity for the same. Take real benefit of these Web albums.

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