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  • Apr 11 2011

    Web Design Trends Currently In Vogue

    The art of web designing continues to evolve itself and defines new standards every day. Designers in their zest of creating unique Web designs keep on experimenting with various things. Also they have to conceptualize and design a site which meets the expectations of the visitors or their clients.

    Some of the developments in web design industry turn out to become trends which are then followed to create appealing websites. Here we are going to discuss some of the latest trends that have caught the fancy of designers because of their effectiveness.

    Web Design Trends To Watch Out

    Interest in HTML5 and CSS3

    Designers are taking keen interest in both HTML5 and CSS3 as they offer advanced features that can be utilized to make a site more effective.

    HTML 5 highlights:

    • Canvas Element for graphics
    • New APIs
    • Video element
    • Drag and Drop

    CSS 3 Features

    • Text and Box Shadow
    • Border Radius
    • Multiple backgrounds
    • Attribute Selectors
    • Border Image
    • Multi Column Layout

    Use of Negative/White Space

    A lot of importance is being given to the use of negative space which helps in presenting a clear picture to the users about the site. It refers to the blank space between the various elements of a site and helps the visitor to quickly scan the web page. It prevents the design from appearing cluttered and for this benefit; designers are making much use of the white space.

    Focus on Typography

    Using Typography to create high impact is something which designers have been doing for long. But now they are moving beyond to use not only web safe fonts, but are exploring wide variety of fonts to select a suitable typeface. At the same time they are also taking care of other typographical elements such as text size, style, line spacing, etc to create an attractive visual effect.

    More Single Page websites

    Given that visitors are always in a rush and it is difficult to retain their interest for long, In this regard, Single page websites present an effective solution as they provide the required information on a single page. The trend is gaining strength and one can witness single page sites already. However it is tough task for designers for they need to achieve a fine balance between the various elements and yet provide all necessary details without clutter.

    Mobile friendly websites

    The number of users who view sites using their iphones, iPads, touch devices, etc is already high and expected to grow even more. This necessitates the creation of mobile friendly websites. As a result, sites are being designed with much help from CSS3 so that they fit into the screens of mobile devices.


    With the use of Infographics, designers can present complex information which can be easily understood by the visitors. This is the prime benefit which has led to Infographics becoming a trend in web design.

    Using Minimalism & Simplicity

    Not to forget both these principles which though present from the very beginning have regained their importance. Designers have found new love for them as they help create powerful sites despite using a few elements. Minimalist and simple websites are easier to navigate and focus entirely on the content.

    These are some of the web design trends that are much in use and one can observe many websites following them. We welcome our readers to provide more insights.

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