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  • Feb 19 2014

    12 Pivotal Web Design Trends To Look Forward To In 2014

    In today’s digital world, web design techniques are continuously evolving to upgrade the user experience. As a web developer, you should keep yourself updated with what’s trending right now in the web design world. Only then, you can efficiently and effectively reach your audience.

    May be not all of web design trends suitable for your website, but it’s always good to know which one is most popular now. In this article, we’ll walk you through hottest web design trends of 2014 that you can expect to see. Some of these trends that were spotted in 2013 are still around today and going to take the crown in this year.

    Let’s have a look at them.

    Clean and Simple:

    Undoubtedly, websites of 2014 must be simple yet elegant without having cluttered and heavy designs. As people today have less time for searching information, developers are required to build easy to read websites with clear navigation. The meaning of simplicity doesn’t mean to keep your website plain, but it should follow the best usability practices to provide your visitors seamless user experience. Keep in mind that design is not about looking pretty, but about putting information in front of your audience more effectively.

    You can simplified your web design by using prominent elements like fixed headers, one column layout, responsive design, minimalism etc. It’s also suggested to keep website’s content simple, means the content should be short and straight to the point. Your website shouldn’t contain congested stuff such as product description or complex company stories.

    Flat Web Design:

    As we all know, Flat Design was one of the biggest trends of 2013. With the release of iOS7 and Windows 8, it is expected 2014 to be yet another year of Flat Web Design. Even, Facebook and Gmail use Flat UI that looks sleek and modern. Flat Design emphasis on saturated colors, creative typography and bold lines, avoiding at the same time unnecessary decorations, heavy gradients, effects like glows, bevel, shadows and so on.

    This main focus of this design technique is on providing users a better experience by making website easier to navigate and understand. Moreover, it doesn’t only allow web pages to load faster, but also enhance your website’s responsive design. As all web designers love flat design style, this trend will surely rise up in 2014.

    Video/Moving Backgrounds:

    Video Backgrounds is another web design trend that you’ll see in 2014. This trend can be a game changer for corporate websites, as it plays a vital role in turning leads into sales. Using a beautiful background video in place of static pictures or text, filling up the entire screen of your website, will not only help visitors have an in-depth look into your business but also ensure them that your business is genuine and professional.

    When done perfectly, dynamic video backgrounds can make your site stand out from your competitors and connect your readers to you in a way never before possible. No doubt, this new trend will make waves in future, and there’s no need to explain why.

    Typography Experiments:

    With the introduction of Google Web Fonts, more and more designers are interested to experiment with a wide range of fonts. Those days have gone when you could only get to see Georgia, Helvetica or Times New Roman. Now it’s time to opt for the fonts that have a better personality, shows variety, can add uniqueness to your designs and grab the attention of visitors.

    Web designers today are using larger fonts, and mix and match typography is getting more popular. As Typography is on the rise, it is expected many websites will get away from simple, overused and boring fonts in 2014.

    Single Page Design:

    Another web design trend that can really be hot in 2014 is Single Page Design. Even, SMEs are switching over to one page design rather than having websites with many pages. The reason behind the popularity of this trend is simplicity and engagement that a single page website has. However single page design is very helpful for removing unwanted stuff, but it may not be good for SEO point or content-rich websites.

    The best thing about one page websites is that they are quite easy to navigate and let you access the most important information in a short while using navigation links. As this technique often utilizes parallax scrolling, it doesn’t compel users to navigate through multiple pages to find the required information.

    Infinite Scrolling:

    This is one of the growing web design trend that you’ll probably see in 2014. Scrolling through a website is easier and faster rather than clicking on different links to access the required information. On these websites, content is formatted and presented in a more organized way, so users can easily read and digest it.

    Generally, websites with endless scrolling have a lot of user generated content on them. When you scroll down, the page continues to load more and more content, and make you feel that the website has never-ending stuff on it. As an infinite scrolling site keeps changing the layout throughout your scrolling, it’s very difficult to realize how far you’ve reached while scrolling.

    Simple Color Schemes:

    How could we discuss website design trends without talking about the use of colors? In 2014, we expect to see a lot of websites using only one or two colors rather than traditional animations and graphics. Needless to say, the use of simple colors in a right manner can create a super minimalist effect for your visitors.

    This new trend will use one clean and bright color in background, like teal, blue, orange or red, and add images or white/black text over it. Using simple color schemes sometimes seem to come with Flat Web Design, but it’s not always necessary.

    Large Hero Image:

    Most of the web designers today are replacing the once favoured slider with a large photographic background, along with a little amount of text. Nowadays, high quality stock images are commonly being used for portfolio websites to simplify the look, deliver quick load, and make visitors stay longer on the site.

    Either it be a simple blurred picture or an elaborate one, large hero images have become a new effective way to grab the attention of visitors and tempt them to explore the rest of the site. We hope to see large image backgrounds will be in the spotlight this year.

    More Focus on Content:

    Content is the king and will always remain. That’s why it’s going to rule over everything from text to images in 2014. At present, Google and other search engines are emphasizing on rich and high-quality content, so you need to ensure that your content meets those all standards which allow you to get ranked higher in search engines.

    In this year, it looks like people will not be interested in scanning endless content. Instead, they will focus on solid content that can make points clear in just few words. Besides, your content must not only be accessible on different devices, but also be easily readable by search engines.

    More Video Content:

    Most of the web developers are opting for short videos, instead of having a lot of heavy visible text on their websites. The reason is that videos are the fastest way to convey information to your audience. They are easy to produce and share on your website and social media channels.

    With a perfect combination of imagery and words, you can deliver your ideas to your visitors in a very less time. Adding videos to your site not only enhance user engagement on your site, but also help you rank well in search engines.

    However videos consume more data as compared to text, but with the growing bandwidth and faster downloads, this trend continues to grow in 2014.

    Responsive Web Design:

    Responsive Web Design is the future of web design, no question about it. With the adoption of smart phones and tablets, demand of responsive websites is growing rapidly. Almost all designers today are focusing on building websites, which can automatically detect the screen size or device, and adapt it accordingly. As responsive websites have one code for all devices, they don’t only deliver users an optimal experience, but also require less maintenance work than normal sites.

    Even, Google recommends Responsive Web Design. According to Google, 90% of consumers move between multiple devices, like PCs, Televisions, Tablets or Smart phones to purchase or browse products. So in 2014, Responsive Web Design is a must if you want to get ranked higher in search engines.

    Parallax Scrolling:

    Parallax Scrolling is a mainstream today in the world of web designing. Websites created with this technique look beautiful, creative and inspiring. This scrolling technique creates a 3D illusion of every movement, which engages your visitors and keeps them longer on your site. One of the key benefits of Parallax Websites is that you can access the required information without any links, by just using the scrolling bar.

    Parallax technique creates a simulated parallax motion effect by using different layers – like foreground, midground, and background – which move at different speeds, usually when a user scrolls up or down through content. It implements the great features of CSS3 and HTML5 to bring your website to life. Without any doubt, Parallax Scrolling is going to another big trend in 2014.

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