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  • Mar 24 2012

    Web marketing checklist for your business

    Internet is the best medium to reach out to the millions of people in this marketing era. Developing business on web for sales purpose is not enough for a successful business, but lots of efforts need to put in strategic way for marketing and promotion. It is very important to acknowledge whether an online business is going in right direction or not and it is possible by using various online marketing checklists. This write up would discuss the web marketing checklists for your business, and that needs to be considered for success of new or existing business.

    Domain name and URLs

    Domain name and URL are the brand identity of your business, so it must be short and memorable for users. Always try to get multi versions of URL or domain name like .net, .org, hyphenations, between words, misspelling, brand name or product name. Don’t forget to use keyword in URL for high organic search in search engines and high ranking of your website.


    This is another significant point for web marketing checklist which must be acknowledged for web marketers. Browser’s functionality and compatibility matters a lot for users as easy navigation tool makes the visitors stay for longer time and leads to sales of products. A website must be compatible in different browsers as users may go for any browsers according to their convenience. Address bar must be visible while surfing the website as it makes the users assure about credibility of website.

    Website design

    Layout and design are the first identification of your website when visitors lands on web page. So, a design must be appealing to its target audience and must tell what the website is all about. Aesthetic appealing website intended to drive the traffic. Some key factors needs to be checked like color, text, font size, links, animation, photograph and layout. These must be aligned with the brand image, so that it can easily get connected to the visitors.


    A user friendly navigation and search engine optimized accessibility of a website helps in searching the information in minimal time. Consistency in implementing links at important sections makes users friendly with your brand name. So, links to home page, about us page, login, log out page and availability of RSS feed are some prime factors that must be checked for web marketing of your business.

    Social media plugins

    Social media is another main point for web marketing checklist for a business. A business must interact with number of people to build brand image. Add a business with social media networks, begin a business blog, promoting a site on forum, community and asking visitors to bookmark a website gives wonderful opportunity to get connected with millions of people at the same time.

    Search engine optimization

    Establishing business and generating sales for online business is very crucial task for any business. Search engine ranking for a website in universal search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others is the prime factor to generate traffic as well as high sales for any business. Optimizing a website according to search engine is possible by building inbound and outbound links, keywords oriented text or content at the right place and adding social media plugins for interaction.

    E-commerce option

    E-commerce option is one of the most important factors for marketing a website on internet. E-commerce page generates sales for a website, so some points must be acknowledged like availability of separate product page, price option, payment gateway option, terms and policies and check out options for a successful business.

    Content campaign

    Content is another sought factor after e- commerce consideration. An eye-candy design and layout may appeal the traffic, but it is the content that appeals logically and emotionally and binds the traffic for longer time. Content must be relevant, to the point, convincing, readable, keyword oriented, crispy, and update, so that users can easily finds out features and benefit from it.

    Sitemap and site search

    Sitemap and site search are the major factor for web marketing checklists for a business. Sitemap is all about one click which tells the visitors where to go and how to go on web pages. A sitemap must be provided link from help and 404 pages and preferred in xml format. Site search should present at the right corner of the home page.

    Security pages

    A website must have defined terms and policy to create trust and confidence amongst users. The product details, its features and payment policy would be written in terms and policy page so that visitors can read and go for further buying process.


    An online business is success on internet if it has applied strategy according to marketing checklist. The above described web marketing checklist would help the marketers from various aspects. Users are welcome to give their opinion on this write up.

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