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  • May 16 2012

    Why Magento is better than other CMSes for e-commerce?

    Magento as a popular CMS is also the best in ecommerce solution. Other CMSes like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress are effective, yet not the overall best in ecommerce website integration. Features like customization, flexibility, control are important for Magento based ecommerce sites.

    Magento vs. Joomla Search

    With Magento integrated website, the ecommerce solution definitely scores over a Joomla empowered ecommerce site. Through search results for customers that are extensive and faster, Magento scores over Joomla as CMS. Joomla has an issue with providing search benefits as similar to Magento.

    Analytics and reporting

    Magento has a good analytic and reporting toolset while the Joomla CMS does not have them. Magento scores highly in terms of similar marketing tools as well. Joomla as a reporting tool has little to offer to the customer or the seller. Thus Magento is better for a website with better analytics tools.


    Magento is easily a better CMS for ecommerce than Joomla based on its easy customization. Joomla on the other hand is a CMS with customization requiring knowledge of web design and development. The Magento CMS is better, for it is simple and easier to integrate with the ecommerce site, quickly and conveniently.

    Magento vs. Drupal Functionality

    Magento scores over Drupal in more areas than one. Magento is the best as ecommerce solution, due to its specific functionality (catalog browsing, site management etc.). Drupal without a doubt is a good CMS, but overall Magento is better.


    Magento is more flexible in its functions and operations than Drupal. Many users would become irate, given that Magento would include high functionality after CMS installation. With a single administration console, there is a better opportunity to manage different and multiple websites easily available with the Magento CMS than Drupal.

    Magneto vs. WordPress Powerful tools

    Magento has an overall better marketing, SEO or search engine optimization and catalogue management tools. With the availability of these tools Magento can produce a better website with high functionality than even WordPress. WordPress is better for smaller websites as an e-commerce solution.


    Being a feature rich and effective CMS, Magento provides a total control over website building and functions. The Magento CMS is better than WordPress in designing ecommerce websites, while having a better flexibility as well.


    Magento powered e-commerce website gains over similar other e-commerce sites built from other CMSes. Magento is feature-rich, customizable, flexible and more in control than similar other available CMSes. That’s the reason why as compared to other CMSes Magento is favored as the best ecommerce solution.

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