Clients are our prized possessions; they are the one who have made us what we are today. They have got us this far and ceaselessly impart us the strength to surge ahead. We feel a special connection with them as they have been integral to our success. Here's a compilation of some of the brands that gave us the opportunity to serve them.

Our Clients

SeoSemanticXhtml Clients


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Seosemanticxhtml have over the past year delivered many projects for Jalico, all within demanding deadlines and complexity of site, from html to Wordpress and more recently very impressive responsive designs and solutions. They are valued asset to our business online services and come thoroughly recommended.
Arrow Jason Lowrie ,
I got to know about, SEOSemanticXHTML from a friend. But I saw 'the real McCoy' when I took their services. Their exactness and detailing was arresting! The way they followed the timelines to get to the milestone, was like clockwork. I am indebted towards SEOSemanticXHTML for their endeavors. I couldn't thank my friend enough who recommended them to me, and now I myself keep recommending them to everyone.
Arrow Mike Anders, Senior Project Manager, Internet Brands, LLC
I am primarily a print designer although I love to design websites when asked to. I have worked with several local developers and have had a fair share of issues with them. I chose to look online for a psd-to-xhtml company to work with. After trying a couple different companies with less than stellar results (browser issues, xhtml not looking like the psd) I chose I have been working with them for almost 2 years and have done over 15 websites with them. I can honestly say I have no reason to look at anyone else. I have had nothing but perfectly working websites, live sites that look exactly like my psd's, and amazing customer service. It is a seamless process, the revisions I have after my first proof is given to me are taken care of quickly, and there is always someone answering my emails very quickly. It is as if I am working with my own personal developer in real time on every project. I highly recommend, I have had nothing but 100% satisfaction and all my clients sites work perfectly in all browsers.
Arrow Mike Oliver,
Unbelievable! Getting such attention from a service provider in today's times deserves accolades! SEOSemanticXHTML worked with us around the clock and gave us a PSD conversion, which I personally assure, won't find a match. We were so thrilled at the time of the delivery. All is owed to their detailed approach. Go for them and sleep without a worry in the world!
Arrow Sarena Norton, Owner,
"Your service has been great and fast. The output has been delivered in time with all the options required. We'll use your service everytime that we need a coding from psd to html/css"
Arrow Gabriele,
Seosemanticxhtml does a great job of cost effectively converting our designs to pixel-perfect HTML/CSS and is always available to help answer questions that may be beyond our team's skillset. They accurately quote projects and ensure that each detail is completed to our satisfaction.
Arrow Kristy,
The team at Seosemanticxhtml have been WONDERFUL. A truly great resource and technical partner. I wouldn't have been able to grow my business nearly as well or as fast without the their help.
Arrow Shelly Norton,
I am very thankful for [Company]. When I needed a Wordpress template, they had the knowledge and expertise to create one from a Photoshop file. They work quickly, efficiently, and accurately. I appreciate their attention to detail and daily interaction when I needed information or changes. They are easy to work with and always aim to please.Darren Homontowski, Spark of Grace Innovations, Maryland, USA
Arrow Darren ,